Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vote for Sycamore Schools Property Tax Hike

We were inspired by the recent editorial by Tax-and-Spend Republican Diane Adamec in the Community Press begging the residents of the Sycamore School District to give her more of your money to spend. If next week's permanent property tax hike passes, residents will forever have a 5.5 mill levy added to their bills. This tax hike will cost the owner of a $200,000 home $268 more dollars! We at Republicans for Higher Taxes enthusiastically endorse this permanent property tax hike.

As great as High Tax Adamec's editorial was, we think she was much too modest. Sycamore is one of the most prolific spending school districts in Ohio. Sycamore schools spend over $13,100 per student per year, the 2nd highest in Southwest Ohio and places it well into the Top 5% in Ohio. Sycamore should not stop raising taxes and raising spending until they are #1! Under High Tax Adamec's impressive leadership, this could happen sooner than you think.

With the economy slumping and taxpayers struggling to pay their bills, this is the perfect time for the Sycamore School district to raise taxes and raise spending. If this school levy fails, Sycamore would have to come back to the ballot later this year with a temporary instead of permanent tax increase, and ask for less money. This would be tragic. Sycamore schools should not be forced to adjust their big spending ways. It is the residents who should learn to live with less.

We are haunted by an even worse possibility - what if Sycamore schools can't pass any levies this year? Then they would only be able to spend around $11,500 per student per year. This would reduce their spending level from the top 5% in Ohio to only the top 10% in Ohio. That would be unbelievably tragic! How can these tax-and-spend Republicans run a school district if they only had more money to spend than 90% of the school districts in Ohio? We don't know how they could survive with that little money.

All of us Southwest Ohio tax hikers must unite behind this tax increase being promoted by our Tax-and-Spend Superhero Diane Adamec. We must do everything we can to make sure Sycamore Schools become the #1 spending school district in Ohio. It would be a terrible catastrophe if Sycamore's spending level dropped a little bit and they could only outspend 90% of Ohio's school districts. This School Board wouldn't know what to do if that happened. You residents of Sycamore need to tighten your belt so the big-spending Sycamore School Board doesn't have to tighten theirs.


Anonymous said...

Your numbers are correct but one fact is not. This levy WILL NOT RAISE HOMEOWNER TAXES, its a renewal and will be a continuation of a previous tax set in 2004. In 2004 a homeowner of a $100,000 house paid $156/100,000. Today, because of how taxes work, that has been reduced to $134/100,000. YOUR TAX BILL WILL REMAIN THE SAME. Sorry to dissappoint you. Your article was funny though. Fortunately for you, Diane aint the Fiscal Conservative she and her husband Tom claim to be. BRING IT ON DIANE AND TOM ADAMEC. As retirees, the tax payer money they take as school board and city council members, suppliments their pensions.

Republicans for Higher Taxes said...

Thanks for your comments. We respectfully disagree with you about this being a tax increase.

The 2004 tax levy was temporary. It expires this year regardless of anything else that happens. This one adds $134 per $100,000 home value. Passage of this levy will raise your property taxes starting in 2010 and goes on forever.

While the levy on the ballot is the same millage as the 2004 temporary tax, it is a new tax that starts in 2010 and goes on forever. That's our favorite part of this property tax hike - this one is permanent! You will pay this one forever. We wish they had asked for even more money but we are proud to endorse this and encourage everyone to vote for it.

Rick Bryan said...

I wholeheartedly support this tax hike. I've been looknig for a tax increase to support this spring, and I'm glad Sycamore Schools didn't let me down. It is critical to the future of our school district for us to drastically increase school spending on the back of the taxpayers!

- Rick Bryan
Blue Ash City Councilman

Jean Schmidt said...

I wish i lived in the Sycamore schools so I could vote for this tax increase. When I was in the legislature I voted for all of Bob Taft's tax increases, and this one is just as necessary as those ones were.

Big spending is essential for success. That's why I joined Barack Obama and George Bush to support their Bailout plan for billionaires on Wall Street. If this tax levy fails, Sycamore would only have enough money to outspend 90% of Ohio's schoool districts. That's not enough. You must spend more!

Listen to Diane Adamec. She is right. You must raise taxes. You must raise spending until you are #1. Vote for this tax increase my good friends.

Anonymous said...

I know that Sycamore schools spend more money than most in Ohio, but that's what I want. I'm going to keep voting yes on all levies until we're the biggest spenders in Ohio. Our children deserve no less. Everyone voting against this levy hates kids.