Sunday, October 31, 2010

Connie Pillich for State Rep

Dear fellow tax hikers, two years we were distraught when our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt was defeated by Connie Pillich.  But we tax hikers can admit when we were wrong about someone, and we have to admit that Pillich has very quickly developed into one of Southwest Ohio's finest tax hikers.  Let's review the Connie Pillich record:

1)  Supported $1.5 billion of fee increases, after Governor Strickland admitted that fee increases are tax increases.  "Gov. Ted Strickland told The Dispatch, 'I think higher fees are higher taxes."  We concur, and that's why we are so proud of Pillich for voting for these important fee/tax increases.

2)  Not content with raising those fees, Pillich then voted to raise Ohio's Income Taxes by $900 million. 

3)  Supported sending another $3.1 million of taxpayer funds to The Freedom Center.  The fact that Connie received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the Pepper family does not mean that Pillich's vote is for sale.

4)  Publicly campaigned for the last Diane Adamec property tax levy.

5)  Not content to raise taxes in her own school district, Connie actually campaigned for a huge property tax increase in the Winton Woods School District, where she neither lives nor works.

6)  A true feminist, Connie Pillich chose to keep her maiden name, vowing to never take the name of a dirty man!

While we would have been ecstatic had Virgil Lovitt won this race 2 years ago, we acknowledge that Connie has more than exceeded our expectations.  Pillich has been a reliable vote for the tax-and-spend Governor Ted Strickland.  She has become one of Southwest Ohio's finest tax hikers.  For that, she deserves re-election to the Ohio House so she can keep raising our taxes.  Re-elect Connie Pillich!


Governor Ted Strickland said...

Connie has voted with me on every single issue. Together, we'll turn around Ohio. (we mean it this time)

Anonymous said...

Chris Monzel says: at least she isn't a cracked tea cup.

Con Lady said...

When will you guys way in on my fight to win this election??? You have no idea how much time and money went in to finding all these people that moved away years ago and making sure they voted for me! Please at least acknowledge my efforts!

Anonymous said...

Mike Wilson says...

Don't believe me when I say I want limited government, in fact this week I am using every government agency to prove I am a sore looser! I am looking forward to a state mandated recount. This is what big government is all about taking care of the little guy, that'll be me, the Messiah!

Here is the best quote I can come up with: "The problem is not that people are taxed too little, the problem is that government spends too much." -Ronald Reagan


Anonymous said...

Mike Wilson says: I might just waste your donations on a recount because I can't get that state mandated recount paid for by my friends the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Adamec said...
Whoa Mike "Willy the Messiah" Wilson lost to the Pillager, that means I can run in 2012. Hey Diane get the signs ready!