Monday, October 4, 2010

Double Dipper Dusty Rhodes backtracks

Dear fellow tax hikers, Democratic Double Dipper Dusty Rhodes has changed his position once again on the controversial practice of "double-dipping" - when an employee retires to draw their monthly pension check, then about 10 seconds later returns to their job where they continue to collect their taxpayer-funded salary.  Many unimportant peons says it is unethical to collect two government checks for the same job.  But to us tax hikers, it's another fantastic government expenditure just like the streetcar, Bridge to Nowhere, and subsidies to The Freedom Center. 

Double Dipping Democrat Dusty Rhodes has spent the last two decades as County Auditor sharply criticizing this practice.  That is, until it was his turn at the trough.  Earlier this year, Dusty filed paperwork to start double dipping himself if he is re-elected Hamilton County Auditor next month.  Kind of like John Kerry, Rhodes was against it before he was for it.

Earlier today Double Dipper Dusty announced he is now taking his 3rd position on this issue.  He says he will still double dip but will donate most of the proceeds of his retirement check to charity, and that this was always his plan.  We are glad that Dusty finally got around to announcing this great plan. 

Double Dipping Democrat Dusty filed the paperwork to retire as Hamilton County Auditor in February.  Now it's October.  We completely believe that Dusty meant to announce this plan back in February, but he just kind of forgot about it for 8 months. 

We support Dusty's Double Dipping.  We believe him when he says he will donate much of this money.  We are not deterred by the fact that Dusty said he was always against double dipping but is now participating in it.  This time we believe him.  If you support double dipping as much as we do, then be sure to support your Double Dipping Democrat Dusty Rhodes.


Michelle Schneider said...

When I saw this headline I was excited because I thought it was about double dip scoops of Graeters ice cream. I'm not interested in this mess.

Alex TT said...

You know, the Greeks invented double-dipping.