Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jim Tarbell for County Commissioner

(Tarbell and his "diverse" supporters marching in the Gay Pride Parade)

Dear fellow tax hikers, it is with great Pride that we announce our strong endorsement for Jim Tarbell for County Commissioner.  If you need a man to raise your taxes, there is hardly a finer choice than Taxin' Tarbell.  This race features two candidates with huge differences between them.  Taxin' Tarbell is one of our best friends, while his opponent Chris Monzel has been one of our biggest enemies.  Consider the differences between them:

1.  Jim Tarbell supported a huge 30 year Sales Tax increase to pay for a $2.7 Billion Light Rail proposal, while Chris Monzel opposed it.  The fact that 68% of Hamilton County voted against this plan does not deter our strong support for such a tax increase. 

2.  Monzel has consistently supported rolling back the city's property tax rate, while Taxin' Tarbell has always opposed such vicious tax relief.

3.  Tarbell wants to spend $185 million for a streetcar while Monzel has been Council's leading voice of opposition for this fantastic plan.

4.  The centerpiece of Taxin' Tarbell's campaign for Commissioner is to raise property taxes to give more money to Mike Brown and the Bengals.  Monzel says he doesn't support any tax increases to further subsidize our mega-millionaire sports owners. 

5.  Monzel has been Council's leading voice of opposition to subsidizing The Freedom Center, a museum supported by John Pepper.  In his final months on Council, Tarbell worked hard to give them an additional $800,000 in taxpayer funds to counter Monzel's efforts to defund them. 

6.  In addition, Monzel publicly opposed Mayor Mallory's Trash Tax, and vocally supported a ban on red light cameras. 

7.  Tarbell supports adding domestic partner coverage to the Hamilton County health insurance plan.  We can't wait to hear which tax Tarball wants to raise to pay for this. 

8.  Finally, we will never forgive Monzel for publicly opposing the joint Republican-Democrat efforts to raise the Sales Tax by $777 million to build a shiny new jail and spend hundreds of millions in social spending.  We needed that tax increase, and the fact that the voters overwhelmingly rejected it doesn't excuse Monzel's opposition.  Monzel was given his orders and he refused to obey.  There is no room on the Commission for someone who serves the voters instead of the political party elites. 

As you can see, there is a wide range of differnces between these two candidates.  Taxin' Tarbell will raise your taxes, over and over again.  By contrast, Monzel has consistently opposed tax increases.  He will even disobey party leaders to stand behind his belief in lower taxes and limited government.  We cannot afford to have a fiscal conservative on the Commission.  In the name of higher taxes, we strongly endorse Jim Tarbell for Commissioner! 


Roy said...
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Roy said...

Absolutely! There couldnt be a stronger case for such a dedicated tax raiser. At this time of budget crunches, we really need a strong advocate for higher taxes - no one more qualified than Tarbell.

Virgil Lovitt said...

I believe this is a great choice. Raising taxes, endorsing Democrats, who could ask for anything more? Tarbell could join with my great friend Todd Portune to form a pro-tax superduo.