Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jon Husted - 2010 Tax Hiker of the Year

Dear fellow tax hikers, our most special day of the year comes when we name the winner of our most prestigious award.  With no hesitation, we are incredibly proud to name Jon Husted our 2010 Tax Hiker of the Year.  Husted is the last surviving member of the Bob Taft regime, and like Taft he will be starting his run for Governor with a victory for Secretary of State.  We know that everyone will agree that Husted is extremely deserving of this award after reviewing his fantastic pro-tax record:

1.  Voted for Bob Taft's 20% Sales Tax Hike.

2.  With gas prices too law, Husted proudly voted for Bob Taft's 27% Gas Tax hike.

3.  As an elections specialist, Husted worked with ACORN and Daily Kos to implement "Golden Week" and other elections reforms that helped ACORN dominate Ohio in 2008.  It is important to have a Secretary of State and Governor who believes in ACORN (and their successor groups) and will do everything they want so they can dominate our state every year.

4.  Worked with Bob Taft to implement a new Commercial Activities Tax, so Ohio can further tax the businesses of our state.

5.  A man of great integrity, Husted represents a Dayton-area district where he claims to live, while he spends most of his time in his Franklin County house where his wife and kids work, attend school, and live full time.  In fact, in 2006 the Husted family took a tax deduction by claiming their Columbus condo as a "principal residence", further establishing their real home 100 miles away from his Senate district he claims to represent.

6.  Fully supported Bob Taft's 3rd Frontier program so Ohio can take on more debt.

7.  Has voted to give millions of taxpayer dollars to The Freedom Center.  And as House Speaker, he took his support even further by refusing to allow State Representatives Tom Brinkman and Bob Mecklenborg to offer an amendment to cut off their funding.  We are certain the $5,000 of campaign contributions he took from John Pepper had nothing to do with these votes, and should not be construed to show that Husted's vote can be bought. 

8.  Finally, Husted worked closely with us to force the local Republican Party to select 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt to be our candidate for State Representative.  This was one of the finest moments of tax hiker unity that we've ever experienced. 

Husted's record of being a great, Taft-style tax hiker cannot be disputed.  Jon Husted is our #1 statewide star.  In 4 years, Husted will be Ohio's next Governor after Ted Strickland finishes his 2nd term, and when he does, it'll be like having Bob Taft all over again.  Husted has proven his survival skills as the only survivor of Bob Taft's inner circle.  Now we must get behind him as he leads the rebuild of Ohio's tax hiking movement.  The Husted for Governor campaign starts next week when we elect Bob Taft - oh wait, we mean Jon Husted - as our Secretary of State!


Michelle Schneider said...

I have proudly been your 2009 Tax Hiker of the Year and I believe you have found a great successor. Jon Husted and I raised so many taxes together in the State House that I know he'll go on to make us all proud.

Michelle Schneider,
YOUR 2009 Tax Hiker of the Year

Governor Bob Taft said...

My boy Jonny was absolutely essential to the success of my legislative programs. If it weren't for Jonny pushing my tax increases we never could have made Ohio such a smashing economic success. He learned well from me and weill make a great future Governor. Vote for my boy Jonny Husted!!!

Keith Corman said...

I am honored to serve as Jon Husted campaign manager for Hamilton County. Everywhere I go, I tell people how important it is to elect Jon Husted Secretary of State. In return, Jon Husted and my good friend Virgil Lovitt will clear the way for me to be elected to the Statehouse where I can continue his legacy. It's my seat and Lou Blessing stole it from me in 2004.

Brad said...

Michelle, if you get back into office, I think you stand a great chance to be the first repeat winner of the award.

Hamilton Co. said...

Dont forget to endorse David Pepper. He has fought for higher taxes for us and deserves to be recognized. Pepper Please.