Saturday, October 30, 2010

Top Republicans criticize Sheriff Leis

Dear fellow tax hikers, we know you are as upset as we are that some of our county Republicans leaders have dared to criticize our great Sheriff Simon Leis for supporting Democrats, and for supporting huge tax increases and spending sprees.  Those are bad Republicans.  Around here, what Simon Says goes.  Leis is the dictator who shall never be questioned, and he will retaliate against any Republican who disagrees with him by supporting a Democrat at the next election. 

Simon Leis has endorsed Democrat David Pepper.  Leis has endorsed Democrat Todd Portune.  Leis has donated to Democrat Jim Tarbell.  Leis is doing this to punish those Republicans who will not obey his directives.  In the name of party loyalty, all good Republicans should support these Democrats.

Like Leis, we have also chosen to endorse Jim Tarbell because he is the candidate of higher taxes and streetcars.  Tarbell supported the 30 year Transit Sales Tax increase.  Tarbell has opposed Monzel's city property tax rollback.  Tarbell wants to raise property taxes countywide.  And Tarbell has strongly supported the streetcar while miser Monzel wants to kill it.  Just like us, Leis and ALL good Republicans are supporting Democrat Jim Tarbell due to his support for these big government programs.

It is vital that all of us great Republicans join together to defeat Republican Chris Monzel.  Monzel dared to oppose the Sheriff's Sales Tax increase and for that he must be punished.  Monzel has also been the leading voice of opposition to the streetcar.  He should be punished for that too.  Monzel opposes raising the county property taxes and keeps voting against raising taxes in the city.  What kind of Republican opposes higher taxes?

We applaud Si Leis for supporting the $200 million streetcar.  We applaud Leis for supporting a massive Sales Tax increase.   We applaud Leis for all he did to secure his $100,000 fishing boat so he can protect Hamilton County from a Kentucky invasion.  We especially applaud Leis for supporting good Democratic candidates who will grow government just like Obama.  Simon Leis and his support for Obama politics is the future of the Republican Party.  We demand that all Republicans show their party loyalty by supporting Simon's great Democratic candidates this Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Hamilton County needs a Sheriff that focuses on doing his job, not one who's focus is on streetcars, fishing boats, and determining who fills other elected offices. Simon Leis is far past his prime and needs to go!

Governor Ted Strickland said...

I appreciate everything Simon has done. He is just as great as I am.

Deputy Dog said...

And he lets me run my illegal wine shop!