Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Governor Bob Taft

Dear fellow tax hikers, we were overjoyed to learn that today is the 70th Birthday of former Governor Bob Taft.  Governor Taft is our idol, our mentor, our hero, the man we admire more than anyone.  We wish Governor Taft a very Happy 70th Birthday.

We thank the Cincinnati Enquirer for placing a big story in today's paper catching up with Governor Taft.  He deserves the attention.  We are so happy that the good Governor continues to do great things.

Governor Bob Taft was Ohio's greatest governor ever.  Let's review some of the great things that defined the Taft Administration.

1.  Signed a 20% Sales Tax increase into law, that Jean Schmidt voted for.

2.  Signed a big 27% Gas Tax increase into law, that Jean Schmidt voted for.  Gas prices were too low.

3.  Signed a Hotel/Motel Tax increase into law that more than double the lodging tax for Hamilton County.  This legislation was sponsored by Jean Schmidt. 

4.  Created the fantastic 3rd Frontier program which shielded Ohio from the national recession and made our economy the great success story it is today. 

5.  Earned four criminal convictions as Governor, becoming Ohio's first Governor to ever be convicted of a crime while in office.  That's the kind of ethics we admire! 

This is only a partial listing of his great successes in office.  Governor Taft achieved so many wonderful successes.

Governor Taft's legacy lives on.  He has inspired so many to continue his tax-and-spend agenda.

His chief protege, our 2010 Tax Hiker of the Year Jon Husted, is going to be Ohio's next Governor after we get rid of Kasich.  Jon Husted is like the son Governor Taft never had.  Husted voted for all of Governor Bob Taft's increases.  Husted paved the way for ACORN to take over our elections in 2008.  Husted supported Governor Taft's 3rd Frontier.  Jon Husted as Governor will be like a 3rd term for Governor Taft.

But today, we celebrate Governor Bob Taft's 70th Birthday.   From the bottom of our tax-hiking hearts, we wish Governor Bob Taft a very, very, very Happy Birthday!


Greg "taxhike" Hartman said...

I hope to have Gov. Taft in soon to help with my reelection bid. He will be a great asset. We are both cut form the same cloth.

Jonny Boy Husted said...

Happy Birthday Papa Bob. I want to be just like you when I grow up.

Virgil Lovitt said...

I knew Bob Taft. I admired Bob Taft more than almost anyone I knew.

Whenever I am confronted with a major decision, I stop and ask, what would Bob Taft do?

Tracy Winkler said...

Bob Taft is proof that all you need to succeed is the right last name.

Princess Margaret said...

When's the party? Where's the party, is it at the Lady Lynn Larson Manor?

Jo Ann Davidson, Age 115 said...

I remember when Bobby was just a little boy. I'm so proud of what he grew up to be, the best Governor Ohio ever had.

Large LaVerne Collins said...

I'd like to propose a toast.