Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tracy Winkler's Unqualified HR Hire

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are proud to exclusively report the latest news on Tracy Winkler's reign with the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts.  We can confirm that our dear Tracy is continuing her policy of hiring friends and family for government jobs instead of qualified professionals. 

Tracy Winkler's latest Jennifer Triantafilou-style hiring is the new Chief Human Resources Officer Tony Rosiello.  Does Rosiello have any prior experience running a human resources office?  No!  Does Rosiello have any experience working in Human Resources?  No!  Is Rosiello qualified in any way to be a human resources chief for a large county department?  No! 

Tony Rosiello quite clearly lacks the professional qualifications for this position.  But he has the one qualification that matters - he's a good friend of Tracy Winkler.  And sure enough, Rosiello happens to be the point of contact for two Tracy Winkler fundraising events taking place next month.  Tracy has never been shy about using your tax dollars to take care of friends and family.

It goes even deeper than that.  Tony Rosiello is the newest Green Township Trustee.  He and his colleagues have the authority to fire Green Township employee Allison Detzel, who happens to be Tracy Winkler's daughter.  Rosiello and his colleagues also have the ability to fire Jennifer Triantafilou, who Tracy hired in exchange for her appointment to be the Clerk of Courts.

By having Rosiello working for her in a full-time, well-paying, administrative position, Winkler can use her status as his employer to continue controlling Green Township through Tony.  Winkler can assure the continued employment of her daughter Allison Detzel and Alex T's ex-wife Jennifer Triantafilou no matter how poorly they do their jobs. 

Tracy Winkler will never apologize for using your tax dollars to take care of friends and family.  That's how it should be.  It's more important to ensure the Winkler and Triantafilou families are taken care than to worry about government being well-run.  This will definitely result in more incidents like the one we just saw when Tracy Winkler's Clerk of Courts office accidently released sealed files regarding two accused rapes.  That is the price we must pay for putting the welfare of the Triantafilous and Winklers ahead of the interests of every other family in Hamilton County.

We welcome Tony Rosiello aboard as the new Human Resources Chief, even though he has no idea what's he doing.


Suburban Conservative said...

I've always liked Rosiello but it's sad to see him getting mixed up with someone like Tracy Winkler. Winkler is as corrupt as she is incompetent.

Anonymous said...

I hope he isn't the one behind that DREADFUL Tracy Winkler blog.

Enquiring Minds said...

Isn't this the kind of thing which should upset the Tea Party folks who claim to be against wasteful spending?

Anonymous said...

The Hamilton County GOP is beneath contempt. I thought we were the party that looked out for the taxpayer and conducted ourselves with morality. Obviously not. We need to vote against Tracy Winkler to send a message that we won't stand for this.

Sir Judge Ted Winkler said...

You, sir, have sullied my wife's good name for the last time. I challenge you to a duel once again!

Julie Matheny, Nationally Reknown Campaign Expert said...

I have a great deal of expertise and experience ruining political campaigns in Hamilton County. Just ask Tom Weidman, Virg Lovitt, Jim Raussen and look at my own campaign for Springdale City Council.

Anonymous said...

Nepotism is alive and kicking, Chief Deputy Jerry Poland appoints his cousin Dale Poland to Assistant Chief Deputy.