Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Tracy Winkler info coming

Dear fellow tax hikers, know that we are continuing to work hard in our efforts to advance Tracy Winkler's political career.  Nobody has worked harder than us to install her as our Clerk of Courts and we will continue to track her every move.  

We report to you that we have received new information about Tracy Winkler's activities.  Apparently Tracy is running the Clerk of Courts office in the same manner she ran Green Township, and we think that's fantastic!  In the coming weeks we will finish our investigation of this information and report our findings to you.  We know this information will interest every one of you.


Norbert said...

Did Tracy Winkler hire Alex Triantafilou's underage child for a position in management?

RedOH said...

quite a tease

Princess Margaret said...


OMG! I so love your new blog! Can't wait to party with you on the champagne trail this summer! Ooopsie, I meant campaign trail.