Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tracy Winkler releases sealed rape files

Dear fellow tax hikers, we ask everyone to go easy on our friend Tracy Winkler regarding the latest piece of bad news to hit her office.   It was recently reported that Winkler's Clerk of Courts office failed to seal confidential files regarding an alleged rape that a Judge ordered sealed, and this failure allowed these documents to be broadcast to the public. 

Please, cut Tracy a break.  These things are bound to happen in an office where employees are hired based on their relationship with Tracy Winkler instead of their professional qualifications.  Releasing sealed rape accusation files is an example of the consequences of business as usual.  We don't want things to change.

Tracy Winkler herself was selected for her position in an apparent quid pro quo.  As a Green Township Trustee, Winkler hired Alex Triantafilou's uneducated wife Jennifer Triantafilou for a professional position in which she didn't meet the minimum job qualifications.  In return, Alex T selected Tracy W to be our Clerk of Courts.

As we will detail in a special report later this week, Tracy Winkler has been making these same type of decisions in the Clerk's office.  The friends and family of Tracy get the jobs first, even if they aren't qualified.  So what if that leads to more errors like a few rape accusation files getting mistakenly released?

We ask all you tax hikers to be understanding of Tracy and not hold these mistakes against her.  After all, if Tracy wanted to run the office well she would have to hire qualified personnel and not her friends and family.  That would be awful.  We must all stand behind Tracy Winkler, her cronies, and all her mistakes.


Alex TryinToFoolYou said...

I told you she was great! When you think Republican, I want you to picture Tracy Winkler.

Curious George said...

What happened? Unsatisfied with allowing her daughter to ruin the Green Township Lodge she's now running a multi-million dollar department at the courthouse?

Or did she hire an army of hairdressers to do paperwork?

Julie Matheny, Campaign Expert said...

Oh, Tracy! Hire me, hire me! I'll run your campaign and bring you the same level of dedicated professionalism and competency I gave to Virgil Lovitt and Tom Weidman and my own Springdale City Council campaig.

Anonymous said...

look at c96crb37425 should of been sealed but wasn't