Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Known racist donates to Pillich

Dear fellow tax hikers, while reviewing campaign finance reports we discovered that State Representative Connie Pillich recently accepted a $1,000 donation from known racist Bob Hagan.  Hagan is a Democratic State Representative who was caught on Facebook using a racial slur to put down a black man who dared to disagree with him.

After this man, who is clearly black, disagreed with the honorable State Representative, Hagan responded with the following racial slur:

I ran against Traficant take your personal comments and shove them where the sun dont shine

Hagan was very proud of his remarks.  When given the chance to apologize after the fact, Hagan responded with more slurs:

"They are so full of shit,” he said. “They’re so negative, these teabaggers."

That's right!  It's the Tea Party's fault that Bob Hagan used a racial slur.  It's the Tea Party's fault that Hagan refused to apologize for it, and later used profane language to describe the victims of his slur.  It's the Tea Party's fault that he referred to others as "teabaggers", another slur which he hasn't apologized for using.

Connie Pillich has some of her own racial problems.  Earlier this year Pillich insinuated that minorities are incapable of moving out of "the city" without a government program.  She did not appear to believe that minorities can move themselves into the neighborhood of their choice unless there is a white overseer to do it for them.  It should be noted that Pillich herself lives in a community that is only 2.7% black.  She clearly doesn't want "those people" living as equals around her. 

Bob Hagan and Connie Pillich are two peas in a pod.  They want to ensure the minorities know their role, which is basically carrying out the wishes of white Democratic leaders without question.  We are delighted to see Hagan helping Pillich.  While those two are especially paternalistic towards minorities, ultimately they know that all of us need the government to spend our money and run our lives for us.  Preferably, a government run by white Democrats such as them.


Princess Margaret said...

Ugh! Youngstown, really, Connie? Next thing you know, you'll be taking money from those smelly, inbred west siders.

Alex T said...

You know, the Greeks invented campaign contributions but are a little too pre-occupied with saving their nation from brutal economic collapse to even elect a government right now.

CincyHochscheid said...

Hagan is awesome! It reminds me of all the times I called Christopher Smitherman a "shoe shine boy" and Cecil Thomas an "Uncle Tom" and "Uncle Thomas".

The only people who are against racism are the dirty right wingnuts. Connie Pillich, Bob Hagan, and I understand the importance of white leadership.

Jefferson Davis said...

Well that does it. I'm on board the Pillach train 100%. Does your campaign accept Confederate bank notes?

MS. Connie Pillich said...

I love minorities, as long as they vote for me and do what I tell them. As I sit here in my all-white neighborhood, I'm very proud of the money I received from Hagan. He too knows minorities are not the equals of white Democrats. They have no right to question us or to live near us as if they are equal to us.

Campaign Expert Matheny said...

How 'bout that racist flyer used in the Lovitt for State Rep campaign? Officially that flyer wasn't from our wonderful campaign, it was from an outside group, wink wink wink. Those were the good ole days, before everyone realized my incompetence as a campaign operative.

Taco Bell Dog said...

Yo quiero Connie Pillich!

Connie Pillich ha sido gran legislador para los extranjeros ilegales.

Cuando ella era abogado, señora. Forshey adquirió la administración de Bush racist y dejó todos mis parientes y me estancia en este país. Trabajamos debajo de la tabla, pero conseguimos cuidado médico libre, la educación libre para nuestros cabritos, el queso libre del gobierno, la cubierta libre, utilidades libres, y el transporte libre para conseguirnos a los trabajos que no tenemos oficialmente.

Las gracias al contribuyente americano, y le agradecen a los representantes compasivos como Connie Pillich, mi esposa, nuestros 14 cabritos, 17 tías y tíos, y 59 primos son toda la vida el sueño americano, la derecha aquí en Sharonville, Ohio. No podemos esperar para votar por Connie Pillich.