Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stan Chesley supports Tracy Winkler

Dear fellow tax hikers, you can imagine the pride we felt when our ethical mentor Stan Chesley threw his support to one of our closest friends Tracy Winkler!  We felt even better when Tracy thanked Mr. Chesley for everything he's doing for her.  Just in case that link disappears, for your benefit we have taken a screen shot to ensure it remains preserved forever:

We have long admired the liberal Chesley for everything he's done for society.  We adore his selflessness, his ability to get his wife Susan Dlott the job of her dreams, and especially his wonderful ethics. 

In fact, Stan Chesley is so great that the Kentucky Bar Association has voted to disbar him for a multitude of violations relating to the fen-phen class action lawsuit.

"The 75-year-old Cincinnati attorney had been accused by disciplinary officials of the Kentucky Bar Association of making false statements to the courts and bar officials, self-dealing in violation of the bar’s conflict of interest rules, taking excessive legal fees, sanctioning misconduct by other lawyers and failing to adequately inform clients."
In that report, Graham said Chesley's "callous subordination" of his clients' interests to his own greed was "both shocking and reprehensible".

Sounds like our kind of guy!  We don't have any problem with lawyers whose conduct requires disbarment.  Neither does Tracy Winkler.  We applaud Mrs. Winkler for accepting financial assistance from this kind of guy, and for having the good grace to thank him for his help. 

Some might wonder what it is about Winkler that Chesley admires.  We believe it is their joint sense of ethics.  Tracy herself has no problems spending other people's money to give government jobs to friends and relatives who lack the qualifications to fill them.

The most famous example of this is the infamous Jennifer Triantafilou scandal.   Tracy played a key role in giving Hamilton County GOP Chairman Alex Triantafilou's wife Jennifer a job she was completely unqualified to hold, in exchange for Alex arranging for her to be selected the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts.  It was the kind of apparent quid pro quo that brings tears to our tax-hiking eyes.  

We firmly believe that Stan Chesley is as fit to be a Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court as Tracy Winkler is to be the Clerk of Courts.  We need more people like Chesley in politics.  We are glad Mr. Chesley will always have a prime seat at the table as long as Tracy's in charge.


Campaign Expert Matheny said...

You go, Tracy! I advise all my clients to take as much money as possible from ethically-challenged Dems. The way you created that job for Jennifer Triantafilou was straight out of my play book, like when I advised Jim Raussen to take that made-up job in the Strickland Administration.

MS. Vicky Zwiss said...

Stan Chesley was also a supporter of my beloved sister Jean Schmidt. You can't find two more ethical Republicans than Jean Schmidt and Tracy Winkler. Stan knows how to pick the good ones in our party. I love this guy.

I'm very confident Tracy will win this fall. Especially if she is willing to pay me and my brood for our awesome campaign services.

Craig "cincycappel" Brockelmann Hochscheid said...

I'm glad this post came a long and pushed the one about me down the list.

Hamilton County Democrats said...

We kicked the unethical Chesley to the curb, but the GOP is so desparate they'll take money from anyone. This will look sooooo good in campaign ads this Fall. Thank you, Tracy.

Princess Margaret said...

Good work, Tracy! If you're raising money from attorneys at such a prestigious Downtown law firm, then there weren't any smelly, inbred West Siders there.

Joey said...

If you think this bad, wait till you see my handy-work on Judge John Williams' campaign.

Ashwin said...

The Chelsey fund-raiser was a great time. I loved seeing all my old friends from the Democratic Party. We had great fun reminiscing about our fights on behalf of working men and women from the Penthouse Suite Downtown.

Tabitha Hochscheid's husband CincyCapell said...

Tracy Winkler's and Stan Chesley's ethics are barely better than mine.



Meghan McCain, in a $10,000 dress said...

Like I totally wish I was there, ya know? I would have LOVED to trade stories with Stan and Ashwin about our time with the Kerry-Edwards campaign. I mean it's just sooooooo unfair Bush won that year.

I just KNOW Tracy had a super-duper outfit!!!! Tell me all about it! xoxo