Friday, March 16, 2012

Is Connie Pillich a racist?

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have received some very interesting information about State Representative Connie Pillich and her real views about minorities.  In recent weeks the State House took up discussion on HB 408, legislation which would add two suburban voices to the 5-person CMHA Board.  Our awful Hamilton County Commissioner Chris Monzel traveled to Columbus to testify in favor it, which led to an exchange with Rep. Pillich.

According to the Gongwer news review of the testimony, Pillich asked Monzel if one of the concerns behind this legislation is the possibility of black people moving into predominantly white townships.

Rep. Connie Pillich (D-Montgomery) asked whether another concern involved issues with the potential for predominantly black CHMA residents moving into predominantly white townships.

Our sources tell us Pillich's questions were even more confrontational than reported by that news service.  They tell us Pillich asked Monzel if his real goal isn't to stop black people from moving out into the suburbs. 

Is Connie Pillich suggesting that black people can't move out of "the city" without a government program to do it for them?  Is she saying black citizens are incapable of locating themselves into their chosen neighborhood? 

Let's take a look at the record of these two individuals when it comes to their willingness to live near black people.  Pillich lives in the city of Montgomery.  According to the 2010 Census, Montgomery is 2.7% black.  For most of the past 15 years, Monzel has lived in Cincinnati, which is 44.8% black.  Should we ask our numbers crew to tell us which of these two has a problem living near black people and which one doesn't? 

We don't believe Pillich is a racist.  We believe she loves minorities, when they show up to the polls and vote for her.  She just doesn't want "those people" living near her.  That's our progressive white liberal Connie Pillich.


Niggardly Sherrod Brown said...

Oh no, I think Connie is having some racial issues here, just like me. I'm with you guys, I don't want to be niggardly with public housing. We can't be niggardly with our public housing dollars, nor can we be niggardly in giving black people the opportunities to move into the suburbs. Except for Connie Pillich's neighborhood.


Your Niggardly U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown

Princess Margaret said...

Hi Connie,

I totally understand where you're coming from. After all, I don't like having any smelly, inbred west siders around me. See you at Kenwood!


KKKonnie Pillach said...

I'm not a racist. I have several black friends.

Beetle Bailey said...

The fake military ribbons on Pillich's blazer show she likes color, so, no, she's no racist.

Voting Registrar said...

It cannot be proven what she thinks of minorities. I can tell you however that minorities absolutely love to vote for her. In fact, large numbers of Black voters came back from the dead to vote for her. That's loyalty.

Mr. Paul Pillich said...

My black friend doesn't think Connie is a racist. In fact, when my black friend thought about moving to Montgomery, Connie told her she'd be much happier staying in Woodlawn so she can be closer to family. That's love my friends.

Camapign Expert Matheny said...

I love campaigning against Connie Pillich. Maybe one day I will actually defeat her. In the meantime, I will tell everyone I know that Vicky Zwissler-Burt is still bitter over her 2010 Camapign defeat.

Tax Hike Lover said...

Guys, let's focus on the real issues here and get behind our Connie Pillich, so she can keep working hard to raise taxes in Columbus. We need to unite to defeat that evil Tea Partier Mike Wilson.

Princess Margaret said...

What Connie really needs to do is keep those smelly, inbred west siders away from Kenwood Mall and Kenwood Towne Centre. Ugh! They bring that Rumpke stench with them everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Connie Pillich is very sexy for an older woman.