Monday, October 3, 2011

Tracy Winkler - The Jennifer Triantafilou Factor

Dear fellow tax hikers, we proudly endorse Green Township Trustee Tracy Winkler for Hamilton County Clerk of Courts.  We have previously endorsed Winkler for higher office and we stand behind her 100% as she applies to be selected by our Hamilton County Republican Party for this vacancy.  She is going to get this appointment.  One key reason is because of Winkler's key role in hiring Jennifer Triantafilou, who was the wife of GOP Chairman Alex Triantafilou, for a Green Township government position she was completely unqualified to hold

Citizen watchdog and candidate for Green Township Trustee Jeffry Smith has compiled extensive documents about this controversial hire at his website.  His website contains an excellent, thorough accounting of this process and we encourage all you tax hikers to read through it.  Among the findings:

- This position required a Bachelor's degree.  Jennifer Triantafilou's highest level of education was completing an Electrocardiography Certificate at Cincinnati State.

- The application deadline was November 9, 2009.  Triantafilou applied on November 20th at the earliest.

- Triantafilou was not selected by the Township Administrator as one of the final four candidates, all of whom were actually qualified for the position.  Yet, Winkler jumped into the process to insist that the unqualified, unrecommended Triantafilou get hired in spite of the presence of the highly qualified applicants. 

Tracy Winkler sold her integrity to get a favor from Alex Triantafilou.  Now it's payback time.

Tracy herself lacks the education, experience, and intelligence to be a solid Clerk of Courts.  But none of that matters.  Winkler hired Triantafilou's wife for a position she was not qualified to hold, and now Alex is going to select Tracy for a job she is unqualified to hold.  This is how it works and we think it's great.  And just think - your tax dollars are paying for all of this.

Tracy Winkler for Clerk of Courts - because qualifications just don't matter.


GOP Insider said...

We are the Hamilton County Republican Party. We spend tax dollars to support ourselves, not the citizens. Tracy is one of us and she earned this appointment by doing a favor for the boss.

Princess Margaret said...

Tracy Winkler is just the greatest! She is soooo much to grab some cocktails with and she has some amazing fashion sense. Tracy is waaay cool for a West Sider and totally unlike those smelly people in Delhi or Colerain or Westwood or Price Hill.

Fed up Teapartier said...

More of the same from the people who promised something different. I'm going to vote against Obama in 2012, but the County Party's candidates will not get my vote. I'm sick and tired of this junk.

Jim Sumner, the mustache said...

What about me? I've mismanaged Blue Ash at least as much as Tracy has mismanaged Green Township.

Ricky Boy Bryan said...

I'm being considered as well!!! Vote for me!

Tea Party Tim said...

Too bad *OUR* leadership will not take a stand against this outrageous abuse of taxpayer dollars.

mmm2m8r said...

Shame on Ohio GOP. Career politicians of the old blue-blood country club status quo variety. Same crap that got Dewine Attorney General. Vote 'em out when you can. They don't see the socialist crisis in this country.