Sunday, March 16, 2014

Misleading flyer attacks Rick Bryan

Dear fellow tax hikers, we condemn the inaccurate flyer circulating around the 28th Ohio House District that seeks to impugn the great record of our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year Rick Bryan

This offensive flyer stated, "Rick Bryan wants to lower our taxes!"

Baloney!  When has Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan ever wanted to lower our taxes?  Rick has been a very reliable tax-and-spend Republican during his entire 19-year political career.  We will not sit by and allow outsiders to falsely portray Rick as some conservative.

Rick's record of being a big government Republican shall not be challenged:

1.  Rick endorsed and voted to raise Blue Ash's Earnings Tax by 25%.  Blue Ash Council recently announced this tax hike would be made permanent.  After all, their $75 million (and counting) park won't pay for itself. 

2.  Rick teamed up with David Pepper, Todd Portune, and Marc Dann to endorse a huge 15 year, $777 million Sales Tax increase for Hamilton County.  Sadly, this tax hike failed at the ballot box.

3.  Rick strongly supported the re-election of Hamilton County's greatest Commissioner ever, Bob Bedinghaus.  Rick cited Bob's excellent work on the stadiums as a key reason to give him 4 more years.

4.  Rick courageously fought local conservatives by having Blue Ash City Council help fund the Cincinnati Streetcar.  We need more streetcars in Ohio, and Rick is just the guy to get them built.

5.  Voted with a unanimous Blue Ash City Council to endorse the tax increase which more than doubled the Hotel/Motel Tax in Hamilton County.  This tax increase was pushed by Virgil Lovitt, sponsored by Jean Schmidt, and signed into law by Bob Taft - a legendary trio of tax hikers. 

We have a message for you outsiders.  Don't come to Southwest Ohio and spread falsehoods against our tax-and-spend allies.  We will be here to set the record straight every time. 


Virg the Scourge said...

Don't worry Rick we got your back. We know you'd never cut taxes.

Tim Burke said...

Man, this primary you guys are fighting is the best thing that's ever happened to us. Please, please, please nominate another Tea Party extremist, but if you guys wise up and nominate a sensible Republican, that's OK, too, since Rick Bryan will be with us 80% of the time anyway.

I'd also like to thank the Republican Party for its help in keeping Connie Pillich in office by nominating that Tea Partier twice.

Connie has gone from a completely obscure John Kerry volunteer to becoming Ohio's next treasurer, thanks in no small part to the extremist rhetoric of the Republican Party.

Bachelor Baby Boy Bill Blessing said...

Yeah, Rick, if you could avoid a primary challenge, that'd be great. Lucky I had the old man to take care of that for me. Can't wait to serve with you in Columbus.

Ashwin said...

I remember the John Kerry campaign very fondly too, Mr. Burke! Those vote-supressing Ohio Republicans sure screwed us over didn't they? Ironically, I am now working for the Republican Party in Ohio, but I am still doing my best to make sure Democrats win elections.

Republican Leaders in ORP and RNC said...

See, this is why the Republican Party needs to change everything it stands for and adopt the same issue positions as the Democrats. The party needs to adopt positions in support of tax hikes, amnesty, abortion rights, gun control, and public transit. Then we, the political pros, will cobble together direct mail pieces telling our gullible conservatives how terrible the Democrat is. They'll believe it and our Big Government supporting candidate will win. Works like a charm, except when the mailer is discovered by the newspapers and they complain about how offensive it is.

Young Drunk Republican Women of Cincinnati said...

Rick Bryan can overcome these attacks by surrounding himself with beautiful women at his campaign events. The best way to get us hotties to his events: OPEN BAR!

Princess Margaret said...

Rick, if you have a big party to help you unwind from the stress of a grueling campaign filled with false attacks from a crazed enemy, please be sure to invite me because I am so talented and pleasant to be around, and I know you'll never have any of those icky west siders hanging around you.

Dayve Yost said...

Rick's my boy. He never met a tax, a streetcar, or an ambitious politician (like me) that he didn't like.

28th District veteran said...

Rick Bryan is Virgil Lovitt 2.0

Greed Township Republicans said...

Rick Bryan should be thankful his district doesn't include the huge stinking pile of garbage in Colerain Township.