Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lynn Larson, Wyoming School Board Party Mom

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are delighted to live-blog this entry from the Larson compound as they host one of their infamous Saturday night parties.  It's fantastic out here.  Open bar, all ages welcome, tax hiking drunks everywhere!  Tonight we profile Wyoming School Board Member Lynn Pulsfort Larson.  Lady Lynn is a hot sexy MILF with a proud history of raising taxes and hating police.

Currently Mrs. Larson is one of the campaign leaders for the ballot proposal to raise Wyoming's property taxes for 37 years.  We have proudly endorsed this necessary tax increase.  This is only one of the many great things she has done.  Please consider the full Lynn Larson record:

1.  Our Lynn is a proud, veteran pro-tax member of the Wyoming School Board.  Lynn has worked very hard to increase taxes on the undertaxed citizens of Wyoming.  And as cited above, Lynn and hubby Don are co-chairs for the big property tax increase that will pass this Tuesday.

2.  Not content to raise taxes just in Wyoming, liberal Lynn donated a whopping $1500 to liberal Democrat David Pepper in his run for State Auditor against the evil conservative David Yost. 

3.  Lynn donated $250 to MS. Vicky Zwissler when she ran for State Representative against two conservatives.  Just as we did, Lynn appreciated MS. Zwissler's vote to raise Wyoming's Income Tax by 60%.

4.  Lynn has courageously trashed the Wyoming Police Department for enforcing the law against rich white kids who break it.  When Lynn's cute baby boy and his equally dumb friends were caught breaking the law, Lynn did what any good parent would do - blame the police.  It wasn't her kid's fault for hosting an illegal party where someone got hurt, or her fault for being an inattentive parent, it's always the police's fault when a Good White Kid from a Good White Family gets in trouble with the law.  According to Lynn, these white kids (and their black friend) should not have to face the consequences of their behaviors.

5.  As a result of Lynn's fine work on the School Board, the Wyoming School District was recently downgraded a level in the state rankings, placing them just one level above the vaunted Cincinnati Public Schools.

Lynn Larson is a great tax hiker, great School Board member, and great parent.  We can't wait to raise your property taxes to give someone like this more of our money.  Wyoming residents - get out there Tuesday and vote to raise your property taxes for 37 years.  Mrs. Larson needs the money, just as I need to get back to this party and have another drink!


Mizzzzz Vicky Zwiss said...

Lynn is a wonderful lady and well-deserving of this beautiful profile. Saturday is my favorite day of the week. Since I don't have any clients to serve anymore Monday-Friday, the highlight of my week is driving my kids Nigel, Matthew, and James the 5th to their swim meets on Saturday morning, then heading to the Larson home at night for a great party.

I'll always remember Lynn for donating to my campaign as I tried to defeat those conservative men Mike Wilson and Tom Weidman. I love everyone who supported me, but I'm still a nasty hag towards everyone else. I will not move on with my life. I'm going to carry this bitterness inside me for the rest of my life because that's how I am.

Beer Pong at Larson's House said...

Don't forget that in addition to a property tax for the schools Wyoming also has an earnings tax for their school system. One tax wasn't enough for the RINO's in Wyoming!

White Justice said...

Arresting a black kid = enforcing the law

Arresting a white kid = ruining their lives

I love Lynn Larson for doing everything possible to ensure that equal justice under the law never happens in her lifetime.