Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ohio Democrats getting annihilated

Dear fellow tax hikers, tonight's shock poll from The Columbus Dispatch contains terrible news for those of us who are either Democrats or tax hikers.  The entire Democratic ticket is on the verge of going down in flames.  Read the results for yourselves:

- John Kasich 62%
- EdWard FitzGerald 34%

- Dave Yost 55%
- John Carney 39%

- Jon Husted 58%
- Nina Turner 37%

- Josh Mandel 53%
- Connie Pillich 47%

- Extreme Right Winger Mike DeWine 61%
- Moderate, Mainstream David Pepper who everyone supports except a few conservative wackos 39%

We don't understand how a slate endorsed by Jerry Springer can be doing so poorly.  Maybe Jerry (with help from Stan Chesley and us) can at least get Micah Kamrass elected.


Kamrass for the WIN said...

The 28th won't even be close. Micah Kamrass is the choice of everyone except a few fringe wacko nutjobs who love Dever's hate. Jonathan Dever is a mentally ill psychopath who takes advice from the angriest loser in all of politics. Dever's paid staffers will be out of town before the first wave of repudiation and revulsion at their antics is tabulated. Unfortunately, the rest of us will still have our communities polluted by the hatred spewed by Dever and his angry, bitter, hateful local cronies.

Being a jrk said...

From the same Kamrass supporter: "Micah Kamrass is the choice of everyone except a few fringe wacko nutjobs who love Dever's hate."

"Jonathan Dever is a mentally ill psychopath who takes advice from the angriest loser in all of politics."

Check yourself buddy. Nobody owns the hate like you do.

Jerry Springer said...

Here's hoping that David Pepper and Micah Kamrass, with all their extensive support, wind up with the same percent of the vote.

Tim Burka said...

Looks like we can add Ray Pater to our list do Democrats who will triumph over the nastiness spewed by the Republican Party. OK, Ray's opponent and the a Republicans don't have enough money to say anything about their candidate in the DR race, let alone bad-mouth the opponent.

Alex, I can't thank you enough for the weak candidates and the terrible messaging here in Hamilton County. You're making me look good as Democrats get slaughtered everywhere else in the state. And I should thank you, but I can't, because my winning candidates will have plenty to say to you instead. Dr. Sammarco has been helping them.

Hamilton County Republican Party: Leadership That's Working... For Us!

Broken Fountain said...

Besides being among the only Republicans to lose big on Tuesday, what do Amy Searcy, Zac Haines, Jonathon Dever and Mike Mezher have in common? Hint: it's something thry have in common with Steve Chabot, who will actually win but who will look extremely weak going in to 2016.

KNC51 said...

I can't use my real name because I am retired from a very important position at the very highest levels of state government in Ohio. I hope everyone saw he Dispatch poll that shows Secretary of State Jon Husted with the largest margin of any Republican statewide candidate. Folks, Jon Husted's coat tails will carry us all to victory this November. I've made sure of that as I am The Greatest Republican Who Ever Lived. Nobody works harder for the Republican Party than me.

Princess Margaret said...

I can't wait for the victory party on Election Night. I've worked so hard on this election that I might have to wear something I've worn before. It'll be ok as long as I can stay away from those fat, smelly, disgusting, inbred west Siders.