Friday, October 31, 2014

Dever and Ohio voters oppose Common Core

Dear fellow tax hikers, this election is vitally important to continue the federal government takeover of education through the new Common Core standards.  But this worthy goal is being threatened as teachers, evil conservatives, and voters increasingly rally against this top-down approach. 

When we were in school and were told to add 9+6, we spent a few seconds to come up with 15.  But that's not good enough anymore.  Please see this video to understand how Common Core Math works. 

There is no reason students should spend less than 55 seconds to determine that 9+6=15.  And besides, our friend "The 10" needs some extra love.  In fact, we should spend another 55 seconds to make sure we understand why 10+5 = 15.

For some reason Common Core has become unpopular with Ohio voters.  According to The Columbus Dispatch only 26% of voters support Common Core, while 43% oppose it.  

However, our candidate Micah Kamrass supports Common Core!  Jonathan Dever opposes it.  We applaud Kamrass for standing up to the voters to support this new approach to education.  We ask Dever to stop listening to the voters and start listening to us. 

Please support Micah Kamrass.  Our friend The 10 is depending on it. 


Columbus Carpetbagger Micah Kamrass said...

Haven't you all figured me out yet? I support whatever the Democratic Caucus supports. Since they support Common Core, so do I.

I've just got to hide this for 3 more days from the likes of Campaign Expert Matheny and her half-dead dad. They're so bitter I could get them to believe anything.

Bitter Is as Bitter Does said...

The only bitter people are the angry lonely Republican white male sociopaths who have never been able to win in the 28th and never will, because bigotry is never going to get a majority here. It doesn't matter if it's the angry wing nuts in Columbus or he jobless losers here in Cincinnati. Voters here aren't buying the hate you're selling.

Reality Check said...

"OMG, I was so totally voting for Kamrass and then I found this poorly done satirical excuse for a blog, and I now am totally smitten with Dever Fever!" said No Voter Ever.

Suggestions for the Future said...

Can Dever maybe tell us what he wants to do if elected, instead of telling us who Micah Kamrass went to a political rally with a year ago? Maybe Jonathon should have done a better job with his personal finances before embarrassing himself and the Republican Party with this smear-fest masquerading as a political campaign?

Clearly, Dever Fever is a mental illness of the first magnitude.

May The Schwartz Be With You said...

Is there a Common Core political science curriculum that our local Republican campaign experts have studied? The Dever, Chabot, Haines, Searcy and Mezher campaigns have been very ineffectual this year. Whoever is advising those campaigns needs to find another line of work.

Anonymous said...

Commenter #2: "Voters here aren't buying the hate you're selling."

As opposed to the hate you presented in the entire rest of your post?

JRK said...

Jared Kamrass, Micah's campaign manager:

"You (Dever) may want to consult a psychologist to help with being a pathological liar"

"that time (Dever) was sued by the state of Ohio for trying to steal money from the state"

This is the kind of hate we need to repudiate on Tuesday. If Micah Kamrass is the man of integrity he claims to be, he will immediately condemn his brother's offensive language.

Sharonville voter said...

Common Core is a confusing mess. If Micah Kamrass supports it, that alone should disqualify him from our support.

Rev Sharpton said...

I had fun at the voting rights rally with Micah, but I do thank the Dever campaign for making me relevant in Cincinnati again.