Monday, November 28, 2011

Help pass Hartmann's tax hike

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are down to two days left to raise taxes on Hamilton County homeowners.  Tax Hike Hartmann is working furiously to gather a second vote to increase property taxes to give more money to Mike Brown and the Bengals.  This tax increase is too important to worry about what the voters want. 

If this tax increase doesn't pass, the Bengals might have to pay their own electric bills.  If Tax Hike Hartmann doesn't get his way, the Bengals might have to pay for their own stadium upgrades.  If homeowners don't pay more taxes, suburbanites might be able to spend money on their own schools instead of subsidizing the Cincinnati Public Schools.  Could you imagine this?  As you can see, it is urgent that we join Tax Hike Hartmann in passing his big property tax hike. 

We are the party of higher taxes.  Raising taxes is what Republicans do best.  It is Republicans who proposed the Stadium Sales Tax.  It is Republicans who voted for the Stadium Sales Tax.  It is Republicans who negotiated the stadium leases that have done so much good for our county.  It is Republicans plus David A. Pepper who raised property taxes last year to give even more money to the Bengals. 

We call on Commissioners Chris Monzel and Todd Portune to end their support for the Property Tax Rollback.  It is time to break their promises and join Tax Hike Hartmann to pass this important tax increase.  Now is the time for higher stadium taxes and more stadium spending.  Tax us more!


Gregg Hartmann said...

Call Monzel and that tea party lady who works for him and tell them they are plain wrong! We need to increase taxes to pay for the stadiums and all the little pet projects we have planned. Tell them they need to learn who's boss around here (hint: it ain't me).

Alex TryinToFoolYou said...

These are the kind of tax increases that we as a Republican Party exist to support. Tell Monzel to fall in line and do what he's told.

Higher Taxes! More Spending! Bigger Government! **

**Except when it's black people proposing them

My taxes are too damn low said...

Disgusting. That awful Monzel and Portune stopped Hartmann's tax hike! We must get rid of them.

county employees said...

Wonder what time Hartmann's drunk staffers will show up to work tomorrow?

King Greg said...

Whenever they damn well please. What are you going to do about it?