Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oppose Colleen Greissinger for Sycamore School Board

Dear fellow tax hikers, we urge everyone in the Sycamore School District to vote against fiscal conservative Colleen Greissinger for school board.  There is no room for anyone on the Board who does not support higher taxes and more spending.  Our tax-hiking hero Diane Adamec would have an Oprah-sized meltdown if any of her ideas failed to pass unanimously.  Colleen's opponents are obedient to Adamec and loyally vote with her even when she is wrong.

Currently the Sycamore School District spends more money per student ($14,733 per student per year) than 97% of Ohio's school districts.  That is not enough!  They must raise taxes and increase spending until they are the biggest spenders in Ohio. 

Sadly, Colleen Greissinger refuses to support a property tax increase that would allow the schools to spend even more.  She has stated that she will not support property tax increases for at least 5 more years.  That is a terrible idea!

The entire School Board, including Colleen's opponents, have made it clear they will be seeking a big property tax increase in 2012 or 2013.  We first reported this in January 2010.  It would be tragic if this necessary tax hike did not have unanimous support on the Board.

You must vote against Colleen Greissinger.  There is no room for a single fiscal conservative on this 5-person Board.  We do not want those fiscal conservatives to have a voice.  Make sure you vote against Colleen Greissinger to maintain our unanimous tax-and-spend, union-controlled Sycamore School Board.  Tax us more!


Sycamore Teachers Union said...

We can't control Colleen Greissinger. Therefore we're voting against her. We don't want her kind to have one single voice on the Board.

Ashwin said...

This woman deserves to be defeated.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Ademac said...
I use Di like Gayle King uses Oprah. Did you see me riding the school board float in the SHS Homecoming parade? Colleen is a spend-thrift, down with Colleen. Colleen can't ride OUR float. It's ours; mine and Diane's. It's paid for with taxpayer monies; school district money. I get to ride it, Di gets to ride it.