Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cincinnati demands more federal streetcar money

Dear fellow tax hikers, we fully support the City of Cincinnati's request to have all United States taxpayers pay another $56 million for the Cincinnati streetcar.  We at Republicans for Higher Taxes have long supported the streetcar project, no matter the cost.  Years ago Santa Obama gave Cincinnati $25 million for this important job-creation project, but that's not nearly enough.

Cincinnati deserves a streetcar.  And they shouldn't have to pay for it.  Everyone should pay for Cincinnati's streetcar, except for the YP snobs who want it.

Those condescending urbanists are entitled to their all-white streetcar.  Right now they are forced to ride a putrid bus, where they may have to sit next to a minority or poor person.  It is unfair treatment to such a special group of people.  These white, YP urbanists deserve something for themselves.

We want Santa Obama to select Cincinnati for this grant.  We would like our entire Ohio Congressional delegation to work through our friend Jean Schmidt to make sure this money remains available.  Even though the federal government ran a $1.3 Trillion deficit for 2011, we must continue spending wildly.  We want that streetcar built, and we expect the entire country to pay for it.


Katy Croissant said...

Speaking on behalf of all CincyPAC voters, we fully support the Cincinnati streetcar and our right to bring food on it. We agree that we shouldn't have to pay for it either. Love,

Katy Crossen

Princess Margaret said...

I am all fo rthe streetcar if they can keep smelly, inbred West siders from places like Price Hill (ugh!), Cheviot (ugh!) and Colerain (double/triple ugh!).

Verne Collins and Lady Lynn Larson said...

Can we bring a drink on the streetcar?

Riding in Brad Thomas' Car said...

I would love to spend $100 million for a 1.5 mile streetcar line! Even better if the federal government pays for it. After all, it's "free" money.

I sure hope we get this streetcar soon. I'm too good to ride a bus, which means the only way I can get around is hitching a ride with Brad Thomas in his car.

Governor Candace Klein said...

Give me a call Maggs! We'll ride it together! YP snobs unite!

Alex T said...

You know, the Greeks invented streetcars.

CSM said...


Now that the election's over, we'll have more time to go to Bengals games together. I loved sitting on your lap and getting my photo taken with you.