Monday, November 7, 2011

Vote the Big Government Ballot on Tuesday!

Dear fellow tax hikers, Election Day is almost here and we can't wait to vote for higher taxes, bigger government, and for candidates who share our beliefs.  We are going to recap the endorsements we have already made, plus add a few more.

Top Priority - Re-elect Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan for Blue Ash City Council.  Rick is our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year and his loss would be a huge setback for our pro-tax movement. 

Green Township Trustee - Vote against Jeffry Smith.  Green Township cannot afford a Trustee who will oppose nepotism and look out for the taxpayers.

Cincinnati City Council - Re-elect Leslie Ghiz, who in her career has endorsed a huge Sales Tax increase, voted to build the Streetcar, subsidized The Freedom Center, and endorsed Democrat David Pepper for County Commissioner to help the Democrats take over Hamilton County.  We also give our endorsement to deadbeat Jason Riveiro, tax-hiking goddess Roxanne Qualls, tax-hiking gay activist Chris Seelbach, and the streetcar-obsessed Laure Quinlivan

Wyoming City Council - We implore you to support MS. Vicky Zwissler in spite of her past electoral failures.  We also lend our support to ethically-challenged Democrat Jim O'Reilly, who was sanctioned by the Ohio Supreme Court for violating Judicial Canon 7(E)(1), and Barry Porter who loves higher taxes and gun control as much as he loves Twinkies and chocolate ice cream.  All three of these fantastic tax increasers voted to raise Wyoming's Income Tax by 60%. 

Sycamore School Board - You must vote against fiscal conservative Colleen Greissinger.  There is no room on this 5-person board for one single person who is fiscally conservative and opposes higher taxes.

Northwest School Board - We need you to vote against fiscal conservative Dan Unger.  Dan has said no to higher taxes and is trying to control spending.  Both of these ideas are unacceptable, as we need higher taxes and out-of-control spending. 

Colerain Fiscal Officer - It's urgent to vote against Heather Harlow.  Not only is she a fiscal conservative who dared to oppose Hamilton County Sales Tax increase in 2007, she is also a woman who supports our 2nd Amendment rights.  She needs to learn her role.

Sharonville Mayor - We are 100% behind Virgil Lovitt, our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year.  He has so many more taxes to raise. 

Issue 2 - Vote NO!  We want union deciding how to spend your tax dollars, not our elected officials.  Voting down Issue 2 makes it more likely we'll need higher taxes in the near future!

Issue 3 - Vote NO!  We fully support Obamacare.  This issue opposes Obamacare and prohibits Ohio from enacting it's own Obama-style health care.

Issue 32 - This is a huge property tax increase so we fully support it.  

Issue 37 - This is a tax issue, therefore vote yes.

Issue 38 - This is a tax issue, therefore vote yes.

Issue 47 - Vote NO!  This amendment would ban a Trash Tax.  We want to tax your trash. 

Issue 48 - Vote NO!  This amendment would ban our beloved streetcar.


Lady Lynn Larson said...

I'll drink to that.

Professional Welfare Queen said...

Now I know how to vote today!

Keep raising those taxes. People like me depend on them. Vote for Rick Bryan!

Ashwin said...

Vote democrat, ooops I meant vote republican! Yeah, that's it!