Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jean Schmidt nominated for Scoundrel Award

Dear fellow tax hikers, our favorite Congressman Jean Schmidt has been nominated for the Scoundrel of the Month by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Government.  Even though Schmidt's integrity has been questioned during her entire time in Congress, this goes too far.  We believe Schmidt is an ideal Congressman for everything she has done to raise taxes and invent her own ethical rules. 

Please do not visit this website and vote for Jean Schmidt as the Scoundrel of the Month.  That would be embarrassing to her as she preps for a difficult primary against conservative Army Veteran Dr. Brad Wenstrup

Schmidt has never allowed ethics or integrity to get in the way of her career advancement.  We do not believe she should be taken to task for this.  Raising taxes, growing government, and bailing out billionaires is what matters, and Jean does all these things extremely well.  Let's show our support for Jean by making sure she is not named the Scoundrel of the Month.


Mean Jean Schmidt said...

That's only the half of it. I was playing games with ethics laws years before I joined Congress. Integrity doesn't concern me.

Sore loser Julie Matheny said...

Why doesn't that nasty Brad Wenstrup "wait his turn". Jean has a God-given right to that Congressional seat WITHOUT opposition!

Princess Margaret said...

OMG! Jeannie! This is, like, sooooo totally unfair, girl! We need to get our drink on! Please don't ask me to go running with you again. Ugh, I smelled like a west sider the last time we did that.

Mean Jean said...

Can I vote for myself?