Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bortz for Commissioner - Part 3

Taft Supportz Bortz

Bortz Supportz a Radical Homosexual Agenda


This is the third edition of my well deserved endorsement of Chris Bortz for Hamilton County Commissioner. As of this morning, Chairman Triantafilou still hasn't announced the Hamilton County Republican RINO Party coronation of Bortz to serve as the Republican candidate against Todd Portune, so I have no choice but to continue to put forth reasons why we, as liberal Republicans, should get behind Bortz and push as hard as we can.

Chris announced on his facebook page that he was "proud to announce his endorsement from Equality PAC Cincinnati". I share in his pride, and fully support his backing of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and the transgendered. Hamilton County cannot thrive unless we have more trannies walking the streets of downtown. We're glad that Chris accepted the endorsement long with radical leftists like Chris Seelbach, Roxanne Qualls, and Laure Quinliven.

What does Equality Cincinnati stand for? For starters, they want to bring gay marriage to Ohio, in spite of the fact that the voters of the State overwhelmingly rejected just that. You may remember that I opposed the will of the voters and endorsed a pro-gay marriage position when I was Governor. I'm heartened to see that Chris Bortz has aligned himself with groups that agree with me on this issue. We're proud of you Chris!

Equality Cincinnati proudly professes to be "continuing the work that began in 2004 when thousands of people in our region came together to repeal an anti-gay law in Cincinnati known as “Article XII”. As we all know, this vote had numerous positive repercussions for the City of Cincinnati. It should be obvious to anyone that the promise of a more vibrant and economically successful Cincinnati that the Repeal Article XII side promised the voters has come to fruition. Can anyone deny that the City of Cincinnati is booming economically since 2004? They delivered on their promise, and we're so glad that they got behind Bortz.

Not satisfied with their victory in moving Cincinnati forw
ard the Equality Cincinnati crowd is pushing for same sex marriage benefits for the City of Cincinnati. This idea has had fresh life blown into it by Radical homosexual advocate and new Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Seelbach who has made same sex marriage benefits a top priority of his first term on Council. Chris Bortz fully agreed, and Bortz publicly stated his support for the idea. We're proud of Chris for making this vitally important expenditure of taxpayer dollars a priority. Why spend more money on police officers and firemen when you can spend money on gay lifestyle choices?

Chris also proudly accepted the endorsement of CincyPAC. The picture at the top of this post is Chris with CincyPAC President and radical homosexual activist Shawn Baker. CincyPAC states on their mission statement that they
"want Cincinnati to become the destination for the creative class..." Who are the creative class? Well gays, lesbians, transgendered, and bisexuals of course! Bortz proudly shares their core values.

You middle class white Republican stiffs out in Harrison, and Blue Ash, and Anderson Township, and Sharonville just don't understand. You're likely not gay, and therefor are not creative enough to get it. Your communities will never thrive unless Chris Bortz can become County Commissioner and help foster a creative class in your neighborhood. We need County-wide streetcars to attract gay hipsters, not safe streets and functioning schools.

This is just another in a long line of fantastic reasons why we should all proudly get behind Chris Bortz as the Republican Candidate for Hamilton County Commissioner. Bortz has put forward a platform and a resume that we can all get behind.

Proudly yours in Unity (same-sex or otherwise),

Governor Bob Taft*

*It should be fairly evident to anyone with half a brain that this entry is intended to be a parody post from our former RINO Governor Bob Taft. Unfortunately though, the facts presented in the blog post are all too true.


Ben Dover said...

I'm glad you guys are plugging Chris Bortz. I'd be happy to plug Bortz, anytime, day or night!

Large LaVerne Collins said...

Ben, should I drink to that?

Alex T Mall-cop said...

How are Ash and I going to explain all this to those Tea Partiers?

Anonymous said...

Is that streetcar nerd Bobby Maly in the background? This is hilarious!

Honesty is not the best policy said...

"How are Ash and I going to explain all this to those Tea Partiers?"

Alex T will just tell another lie.