Sunday, December 18, 2011

Save The Freedom Center - through higher taxes

Dear fellow tax hikers, your tax dollars are urgently needed now.  A story ran today detailing that our beloved Freedom Center is at the risk of shutdown because they are spending more money than they are receiving.  They are projected to realize revenues of $2.5 million/year.  However they also expect to spend $4 million/year.  Therefore, a Freedom Center Tax Increase is needed now!

We cannot expect The Freedom Center to cut costs.  We cannot expect them to increase the quality of their programming to draw more paid visitors.  We cannot expect their rich mouthpieces (Oprah Winfrey, John Pepper, etc) to pay for anything themselves with their own money.  Nor can we expect them to improve their business practices.

Higher taxes are the only answer!  Hamilton County residents had their chance to support the museum through their paid attendance, and for some reason they declined.  Because of that we are going to raise taxes.  One way or another you will pay.

The Freedom Center is entitled to your tax dollars.  If a private museum's expenses are far higher than its revenues, the only way to close the gap is to raise taxes.  They cannot be allowed to fail.  Just as we had Jean Schmidt's bailouts for Wall Street, we must also have bailouts for museums with failed business models such as The Freedom Center and Museum Center.  Raise those taxes now!


Chris Bortz, I'm a Republican now said...

Don't forget my role in getting $1,000,000 in City funds for the freedom center!

John Pepper said...

$1.5 million? That's it? I burn that many dollar bills in a week lighting Cuban cigars. I could easily write a check to cover the shortfall, but I won't!

Politicians for Wasting Money said...

I hope you don't forget the times we voted to spend taxpayer money funding the freedom center.

- Leslie Ghiz
- Bill Seitz
- Connie Pillich
- Jon Husted
- Michelle Schneider
- Jeff Berding
- Roxanne Qualls

Rick Bryan said...

I would proudly support a Freedom Center Tax.

Lady Lord Lynn Larson said...

I'll drink to that.

Princess Margaret AKA Momma Mags said...

Lynnn! OMG!!! Can't wait to party again with you, and Lezz and our girl Vix!

I haven't been out in soooo long! I am so pumped for a party! Ha, get it! Pumped? Yeah, it means something completely different now but you've all been there! LOLZ!