Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sean Donovan for Sheriff

Dear fellow tax hikers, we give our strongest possible endorsement to Sean Donovan for Sheriff.  Donovan is one of our closest friends and is by far the finest candidate on the ballot this year.  Consider the Sean Donovan record:

1) Stood with Marc Dann, Simon Leis, David Pepper, Todd Portune, Roxanne Qualls, and Tax Hikers of the Year Virgil Lovitt and Rick Bryan to support a huge 15 year, $777 million Sales Tax increase for Hamilton County.  Mr. Donovan continues to speak out in favor of such a plan, which means our taxes will go up if he gets his way.  

2) Supports our beloved Cincinnati Streetcar.  He has publicly and vocally supported this great idea for years - speaking out at County Commission meetings, giving pro-streetcar tv interviews, writing letters to the editor, spreading the word on the blogs, and campaigning against efforts to kill it.

3) Refuses to support a Performance Audit of the Sheriff's Department, as his opponent Jim Neil wants.  Donovan don't need no stinkin' audit to tell him where he's wasting money!

4) Openly operates a liquor license establishment downtown, in spite of Sheriff's Department rules that specifically prohibit employment at a liquor license establishment.

5) Does not support Neil's plan to consolidate the major functions of the Department and cut the ensuing amount of Administrator positions.  That would mean he'd have to release some overpaid double-dippers and we can't have that!  

Not only is Donovan the ideal Republican, his opponent Jim Neil is a horrific candidate!  Neil opposes a tax increase for a new jail.  Can you believe that someone would say no to higher taxes that would allow their department to spend more?  Even worse, Neil refuses to endorse the streetcar.  Neil wants the Ohio Auditor to execute a Performance Audit of the Sheriff's Department, and he wants to cut Administrative staff that is currently dominated by Si's aging double-dippers. 

- Do you crave higher Sales Taxes?  Then vote for Sean Donovan!
- Do you want to spend $150 million on a streetcar?  Vote Sean Donovan!
- Do you oppose an independent audit of a $57 million department?  Vote Sean Donovan!
- Do you want to get drunk at a Sheriff's liquor store?  Vote for Donovan!  (then drink)

We are so in love with Donovan that we are making this our target race for 2012.  We tax hikers must win this one.  In the name of higher taxes, we urge everyone to work day and night to elect Sean Donovan our next Sheriff. 


AT and the gang of Quislings at GOP headquarters said...

We are so proud of the diversity of thought (or lack thereof) of our beloved GOP candidates. After all, it's not about principle, Oh no no no. It's about the power. Who cares if Donovan does his own thing and breaks the rules. So what if he was a huge supporter of Mark Mallory's streetcar. He has power and we like that because it helps employ people who makes us powerful.

Streetcar Supporters for Sean Donovan said...

We Urban Hipsters are entitled to a streetcar, something for ourselves to enjoy. And everyone else must pay for it. Sean Donovan agrees with us so we're going to vote for him.

Marc Dann said...

One of my finest moments in my very, very brief tenure as Attorney General was to stand with Sean Donovan in support of Hamilton County's Sales Tax increase. We regret that it failed.

First Lady of Deer Park said...

Wait, did you say he operated a liquor establishment? Sign me up for the Donovan train.

Anonymous said...

The guy is a double dipping

Alex T said...

You know, the Greeks invented double-dipping and cronyism.

Princess Margaret said...

Sean Donovan does such a great job protecting me from all those smelly, inbred, fat, ugly, disgusting west Siders I unfortunately have to deal with on a regular
Basis, being such a hard-working political professional woman. Sean is getting my vote!

29th district candidate Bill Blessing, a Family Values Republican said...

I hope Sean goes easy on me if he finds me it late in a park.

Brad Wemstrip's Campaign Mangler said...

I hope I get to double-dip just like my Daddy's done when I get to be old enough to take my first retirement. I went on the public payroll in my teens (thanks Dad) and am about to get a HUGE BOOST in my Final Average Salary when I get to become Brad's Yes Man With A Six Figure Salary For Life. Sean Donovan is my idol!

Former Family Values State Legislator Bob Mecklenborg said...

I know all about double-dipping and I hope Sean Donovan and all my other fellow family values conservative men friends don't get caught double-dipping the way I got caught double-dipping.

Suburban Sorehead said...

I wonder if Donovan, Lippert, Goering, Ghiz, and Alex's Greek Gofer have any idea how badly they're going to get clobbered on Tuesday?

City Councilmember Chris Seelbach, City Councilmember, City of Cincinnati, the city I represent as a City Councilmember said...

Being a city councilember, many people ask me for my opinion on matters affecting Cincinnati, the city I represent as a city councilmember.

As a city councilmember, the streetcar is a very important project to me and to Cincinnati, the city I represent as a city councilmember.

As a city councilmember and as a resident of Over-The-Rhine in Cincinnati, the city I represent as a city councilmember, I am also thrilled to see someone investing in a business in Downtown Cincinnati, the city I represent as a City Councilmember.

Does that mean I am voting for Sena Donovan? Heck no! I am voting for the Democrat because Obama is wonderful and I think free contraception is the best idea ever! (Not that I'll ever need it of course.)