Thursday, November 14, 2013

A bad, bad week

Dear fellow tax hikers, TGIF because this week can't get much worse.  First we were completely shocked that John Cranley and 7 incoming Councilmen were able to kill the parking deal that we loved so much.  This plan would have taken future parking profits and spent them now, making it more likely that we would see a future tax increase to replace those lost annual revenues.  Our chances of getting a future tax increase have been reduced because of this terrible move to stop the parking plan. 

Then we find out that our awesome City Manager Milton Dohoney has been forced out.  He did not deserve this.  Milton was the guy who came up with the streetcar, parking plan, trash tax, Red Light cameras, and Water Works sale.  Whenever we needed more taxes, more spending, or more streetcars, Milton always came through. 

Worst of all, Crowbar Cranley still wants to stop our streetcar!  But we're not going to let him.  Did you know that 300 Qualls supporters came to a meeting tonight?  At this meeting, we came up with an unbeatable plan to save our streetcar.  Here it is:

Nothing is going to stand in our way.  After we engage residents and businesses, lobby people, and threaten to file lawsuits, Cranley and Council will have no choice to but to abide by our demands.  The streetcar shall be saved!


Derekkk B said...

It's truly been a joy watching these far left wackjob lunatics throwing their temper tantrums ever since they got defeated by COAST and the Tea Party (as they see it). The best hypocrite is Derekkk Bauman.

Two weeks ago he was whining that John Cranley had too many black people on his campaign. Then when Cranley gets rid of Milton Dohoney, Bauman whines that Cranley got rid of the black City Manager. What, now Cranley *isn't* hiring enough black people?

Liberal Urban Hipster said...

In the past, we could always count on the Republican Party to support our big-spending and high-tax initiatives. They supported the jail tax. They supported the stadium tax. They supported the museum center. Republican legislators did great work to fund the Freedom Center in the state budget.

It would be so kewl if we could get those racist, bigoted, old white guy, homophobic right-wing Jesus Freaks to support public transportation by getting behind this project that will only benefit those of us who are on the right side of history, tolerance and progress.

We'll never vote for any of those Tea-bagging COAST Krazy Kooks who hate everybody who isn't a greedy 1%er that hypocritically go to Chuch every Sunday and who supported the Bush Crime Syndicate and their illegal wars.

However, we sure do love it when they support our pleas for higher taxes.

Everyone knows that they need to be seen backing our initiatives if they want to have any respect in polite society.

We hate Republicans with every fiber of our being but we love it when they support our calls for higher taxes.

I never thought I'd say this but I miss George Vincent.

Streetcar - the politician killer said...

Are the streetcar nuts going to drag Sean Donovan out of retirement and Si Leis out of his crypt? Those were the last two Republicans to support the streetcar. How did that turn out for them?

Chris Seelbackmountain said...

All I can say is that those right-wing Cranley types better not try to order coffee at Coffee Emporium. I'm a councilperson and there is a certain way to order hot beverages at the Emp, as we like to call it.

So don't even try it. Do not. I am a councilperson and I am watching to see who orders correctly and who doesn't.

Did I mention that I am a Councilperson?

Bitter Old Hag said...

Wake up Enquirer! Your Wednesday editorial said “City needs to move ahead on parking plan.” Didn’t you hear John Cranley, during his campaign, pledge to reverse both the streetcar project and the parking plan? Yet you endorsed him. I believe you are going to have to take at least some of the blame on this one.

Stephanie Stoller, Blue Ash

Councilman Charile Windbag said...

I thought Milton was resigning ? No one told me he would still get a year’s salary – $253,760 – and benefits, not to mention he got a 10 percent raise and a $35,000 one-time payment last fall. I need more staff members to keep me better informed.

Hipseters Trying to Remain Relevant said...

Yeah, that's right, Chris Seelbach triumphed over all the hatred and all the anti-gay, homophobic, right wing, Jesus Freak, Republican, corporate America bigotry spewed at him, and by extension, all of us, and he remains on council. 5th places, bee-yot-chez!!! Kiss our rear ends, wingnuts, because there is no room for name-calling in polite society.