Tuesday, November 26, 2013

PG Sittenfeld flip-flops on streetcar

Dear fellow tax hikers, if there was a God we would be thanking her for PG Sittenfeld. After posing as a streetcar opponent for the last two elections - and suckering those fools into voting for him - PG announced today that he is a streetcar supporter

Our inside sources always assured us this day was coming.  We always knew that Streetcar Sittenfeld would be there when we needed him most.  Did you guys ever wonder why we never had anything bad to say about him?  We knew he was with us. 

For those of you who voted for PG because he personally promised you he'd oppose the streetcar, you're just going to have to deal with it.  Your opinion doesn't matter and it never has.  PG Streetcar has a Presidential campaign to run and he will not be bothered with Commoner tasks like keeping his word. PG will always do what is best for PG, and right now that means supporting the streetcar.

Now that the anti-streetcar forces are taking over Cincinnati's government, and could possess the votes to stop our beloved streetcar, PG couldn't have found a better time to join the cause.  We welcome PG Streetcar to our movement and we hope you do too. 


Barry backstabber said...

PG is a political whore. He'll stab anyone in the back to advance to his next office. PG couldn't care less about the streetcar. It's all about him and his political career.

If you like your streetcar, you can keep your streetcar. Period.

Sid Cynic said...

I guess PG stands for "Pandering Goofball."

PJ Sit-n-Spin said...

Listen people, I am just doing what I feel is necessary to build my political resume. After all, I plan on being President someday.

If you think David Pepper was cool, just wait 'till I run for higher office. That thin-skinned weasel Pepper ain't nothing compared to me. We have deep pockets too. And my mom isn't a crazy feminist either.

Besides, everyone loves me. republicans, blacks, jews, hispanics, poor people!

They all love me, PG!

Political Suicide said...

Way to go PG. The sure path to political success is to abandon the supporters who took you to a 1st place finish and align your views with 18th place finisher Mike Moronski.


GOP Higher Officeholders said...

Thanks for the tailor-made campaign commercial material PG. This kind of stuff will get you through that Democrat Primary, and will insure your easy defeat in the general election. We owe you big!

Alex T Mall Cop GOP said...

Hey everyone, did you see that I called out PG's flip-flop and said people like him are the reason voter turnout is so low and voter apathy is so high? If I'd known being an attack dog was so much fun, I would have started doing this in 2008 when I became chairman. My good friend Tim Burke can go fly a kite.

Councilmember Squeelbach said...

Being a council member in Cincinnati, the city I represent as a council member I am highly disappointed that the new mayor did not give me a chair of a committee on the city council that I am a member of. Never mind that during the campaign I repeatedly provoked confrontations with his campaign staff and then ran to City Beat, Jane Prendergast and all my other fans in the media to whine and complain when those big mean Cranley people got mad that I called them names in public. I needed that council chair because I am important, I am gay, and if you don't give in to my demands, it means you are a gay-bashing, Tea Party Republican homophobic bigot.