Saturday, November 2, 2013

Roxanne Qualls - 2013 Tax Hiker of the Year

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are proud to name Roxanne Qualls our 2013 Tax Hiker of the Year.  As you'll see, nobody is more deserving of this prestigious award.  Consider Roxanne's fabulous record:

1)  Was the leading advocate for the Bedinghaus Stadium Tax that has brought so much wealth and prosperity to this area.  It was the tv ads from Roxanne Qualls The Stadium Queen that pushed public support for this excellent tax increase over 50%.

2)  Endorsed the 2007 Jail Tax that was sadly rejected by 56% of Hamilton County voters, and rejected by an even larger margin in Cincinnati.

3)  Endorsed a Light Rail tax, which would cost us billions.

4)  Huge advocate of the Cincinnati streetcar, costing $133 million and counting, to run a loop under 4 miles.

5)  Huge advocate of the Parking Plan, taking money from the future to spend it now, which will necessitate a tax increase in the future to make up for those lost revenues.

6)  Raised property taxes 3 times to pay for the streetcar.  It should be noted this won't affect Roxanne much, since her downtown property receives a huge tax abatement.

We know there are plenty more tax hikes we could add to this list.  As you see, Roxanne Qualls has developed a fantastic record of raising taxes and growing government.  While we usually like to give this award to Republicans, Roxanne might be the best tax-hiker we have.  She has earned this honor. 

We need good tax hikers in office and that's why we must elect Roxanne our Mayor.  John Cranley is an unacceptable choice.  He opposes the streetcar, opposes the parking plan, supports the property tax rollback, and has criticized the Bedinghaus Stadium deal.  The stakes are too high.  If you believe in more stadiums, more streetcars, and more taxes, you must vote for Roxanne Qualls for Mayor!


Tax Hikin Rick Bryan said...

Welcome to the club Roxy. I'm proud of our work together to advance the streetcar.

Cincy African American Voters said...

Thanks to the comments of racist Qualls supporters like Craig Hochscheid and Derekkk Bauman this will be the last thing she wins in this town. Thank that fat asshole CincyCapell (Craig Hochscheid) for your loss Tuesday Roxanne.

Mike Brown said...

Roxanne deserves this award. No worries Rox, if you lose on Tuesday I'll have a job waiting for you. You can work in the office next to Bob's.

Derek The Night Watchman said...

Thank you! We need publicly funded streetcars and stadiums, a parking meter firesale, and a massively expensive new jail. And ideally fewer minorities in our great progressive city.