Friday, April 17, 2009

April 25th Tax Rallies finalized

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have finalized the locations and speakers for our huge, huge, huge tax rallies to be held on April 25th across Hamilton County. We hope to see all of you there. We must counter those insidious anti-tax tea parties that have swept the nation.

Each event will be headlined by former Governor Bob Taft, who is returning from exile to lead the Republican Party back to our glory days of higher taxes, higher spending, and sweetheart deals for big donors like Tom Noe. Governor Taft will be riding his Tax Hike Express to get around to each rally.

Each event venue represents the kind of massive government spending that we advocate for on a daily basis. Every community in Ohio needs these kind of big-spending monuments. (Note: we wanted to have an event at the Sharonville Convention Center, but there was a very important knife show being held that day that couldn't be rescheduled.) We need YOU at one or all of these special rallies:

Paul Brown Stadium, 11:00 AM (Northwest side outside the stadium)
- celebrating the stadium tax, getting the Streetcar passed

1. Bob Bedinghaus - stadium tax architect, Jeff Berding's mentor
2. Jeff Berding - running Cincinnati like he runs the Bengals
3. Leslie Ghiz - why taxpayer funds must be used to build The Streetcar
4. Governor Bob Taft

Wyoming Family Aquatic Center, 1:oo PM (located in Woodlawn)
- because every community should spend $3.4 million in taxpayer funds for a luxury pool

1. Tax Hike Bill Seitz, 2007 Tax Hiker of the Year
2. Virgil Lovitt, 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year
3. Todd Portune - dicussing his admiration for tax-and-spend Republicans
4. Jim O'Reilly, Wyoming City Councilman - why luxury pools are vitally important for local governments
5. Governor Bob Taft

Anderson Township Government Center, 3:00 PM
- we must pass the massive Forest Hills property tax hike

1. Randy Smith, Forest Hills School Board member - why our community's future depends on passing my huge property tax increase this May
2. Jean Schmidt - the importance of higher Sales Taxes, higher property taxes, higher hotel taxes, higher gas taxes, and bailouts for billionaires on Wall Street
3. Michelle Schneider - my support for ongoing subsidies to The Freedom Center and free government cheese for everyone
4. Governor Bob Taft

Blue Ash Recreation Center, 5:00 (east side of building)
- Sycamore Schools won't stop spending until they outspend everyone

1. Each member of the Sycamore School Board - the "catastrophe" that would result if this May's property tax hike failed and Sycamore only had enough money to outspend 90% of the school districts in Ohio
2. Rick Bryan, Blue Ash City Councilman - raising taxes every time I can
3. Sheriff Simon Leis - damnit my jail tax should have passed...those sonsofbitches anti-taxers won't give me what I want...damn ingrates
4. Governor Bob Taft


George Vincent said...

How about you have the Republican Party Candidate Screening Committee for a choir and sing Ebony & Ivory at each event to remind us how important it is to endorse Republican candidates who endorse Democrats.

Anonymous said...

I heard David Pepper will be conducting a flag burning demonstration at the event. He's going to redo the one he did years ago as a student. Can someone verify this and post the details?