Thursday, April 16, 2009

Massive Tax Rally - April 25th

We are very disturbed by the success of these Tea Party protests. It is horrendous to see 4000 citizens from this area gathered during a workday - when they should be earning money for our government - to protest the Jean Schmidt/Barack Obama policies of higher taxes, bailouts for billionairres, and runaway spending. We think these policies are great. We were very happy to pay our taxes this year and wish we were forced to pay more.

We will not let these anti-taxers go unchallenged. We're going to hold a massive set of pro-tax rallies on Saturday, April 25th throughout Hamilton County! These rallies will focus on passing tax levies on the May primary ballot. We have already confirmed the participation of Bob Bedinghaus, Jean Schmidt, Michelle Schneider, Virgil Lovitt, Rick Bryan, and the return of Governor Bob Taft from his self-imposed exile. We will announce many more. We're going to show Southwest Ohio that we tax-hikers are ready to meet the challenge and give ourselves the higher taxes we deserve.

We will announce the details of these tax rallies in the coming days. Stay tuned, and mark your calendars for this important day. We're going to raise taxes through the roof!


John Dowlin said...

I can only assume that at least one of these rallies will be held at "The House that Virg Built", aka the Sharonville Convention Center/Pancake House. Hopefully you won't have to displace one of its many, many renters, aka the Bill Goodman Gun and Knife Show.

Batavia Bob said...

I was pleased to see that our good friend Jean Schmidt was no where to be found among these radical conservatives. Schmidt knows how important it is to to increase citizen investment in our precious government programs and lowering taxes would only starve children and force people out of their homes.