Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pepper flag-burning ceremony added to tax rallies

Many of our critics like to send us emails accusing us of opposing freedom. That is not true. We support allowing you to spend whatever money you have left after the government takes everything it needs. See, we're not Socialists! There are other freedoms we support too.

Like Commissioner David Pepper, we support burning the American flag. It is a patriotic freedom to express. We applaud David Pepper for his support on this important freedom issue.

David Pepper has asked us if we would allow him to open one of our huge, huge, huge tax rallies this Saturday with one of his special flag-burning ceremonies. Naturally we will allow him to do this. Pepper is a tremendous supporter of higher taxes and burning the American flag. We have decided to add Commissioner Pepper to the Bengal Stadium rally, where his #1 supporters Leslie Ghiz and Bob Bedinghaus will already be speaking.

Bring all the American flags you'd like to have Pepper burn. Please make sure they are highly flammable. If you bring your flame-retardant American flags, how can David Pepper burn them?


Governor Ted said...

I stand with David Pepper and his desire to protect old glory by letting it burn.

Hamilton County taxpaying serf said...

Lord knows he loves to burn through money.