Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ghiz's support for Democrats

Dear fellow tax hikers, one of our favorite things about Leslie Ghiz is her support for Democratic candidates who share her belief in raising taxes. When Ghiz endorsed Democrat David Pepper for County Commissioner in 2006, she didn't just help Pepper, she helped give control of our county to 2 tax-hiking Democrats. That is exactly what we expect from a good Republican.

Ghiz's support for Democrats didn't end with Pepper. In the most recent City Council election, Ghiz proudly endorsed Democrat Jeff Berding and another Pepper-supporter Chris Bortz, while refusing to endorse an anti-tax Republican Charlie Winburn. Read what Ghiz wrote in her October 29th newsletter:

Remember there are four current members of council: Mr. Monzel, Mr. Berding, Mr. Bortz and me, who fight for you every single day....

On election day, please help the four of us out and vote not only for us, but for Amy Murray and George Zamary to give us a veto proof 6 votes.

Chris Bortz joined with Ghiz to endorse David Pepper, support a massive $800 million Sales Tax increase, vote to subsidize $800,000 to the Freedom Center, and push hard for a $200 million streetcar through Over The Rhine. Jeff Berding was the leader of the effort to impose the Stadium Sales Tax hike that saved our county. In addition he has also endorsed the streetcar, Barack Obama, subsidies to the Freedom Center, the $800 million Sales Tax hike, and he joined Ghiz in supporting David Pepper.

To further support his Democratic credentials, Jeff Berding made the following statement, "I take a backseat to no one in my commitment to Democratic values." Neither does Leslie Ghiz.

Remember, Leslie Ghiz supports tax-hiking Democrats. Chris Monzel supports Republicans. Leslie Ghiz for County Commissioner!


Hamilton County Registered Republican said...

What is interesting about this one sided post is the fact that Chris Monzel VOTED FOR THE BUDGET THAT INCLUDED THE FREEDOM CENTER SUBSIDY and Leslie Ghiz DID NOT VOTE FOR THE BUDGET THAT INCLUDED THE FREEDOM CENTER SUBSIDY. Furthermore, it appears by this post that any Republican who knows how to work across party lines is shunned upon, WHICH MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL. Hello. How do you think Republicans are going to get their issues through the political process? By throwing mud and shutting out anyone outside of the GOP? I don't think so. Leslie Ghiz is the only candidate in a long time that has consistently displayed integrity, honesty and candor, which tax payers WANT in our government, and has represented the GOP in a manner that engages and recruits support for our issues. Finally, if anyone is fiscally responsible with our tax dollars, its Leslie Ghiz. Ghiz for County Commissioner!

NE Republican said...

When the vote was held specifically on the Freedom Center funding, it passed 8-1. Leslie Ghiz voted for it, along with Jeff Berding and Chris Bortz.

Chris Monzel was the ONLY member of Council who voted against this funding.

Dede Scozzafava said...

There's nothing like endorsing Democrats to generate support for the Republican agenda. I love Ghiz!

Benedict Arnold Ghizzy said...

"How do you think Republicans are going to get their issues through the political process?"

Oh, I don't know. Here's a novel idea. Maybe we can get our issues through the legislative process by actually winning elections!!! If not for the traitor turncoat Ghiz's support for Little Davey Pepper WE WOULD STILL HAVE THE MAJORITY ON THE COUNTY COMMISSION, and we could "get our issues though" all we wanted!!! Are you dense?

Ghiz sold out or ability to "get our issues through" when she campaigned against our Republican County Commissioner. I will NEVER, EVER forgive Ghiz for her backstabbing, which represented a complete lack of "integrity".

Screw Ghiz. I'm voting for Chris Monzel in the primary, and if Ghiz ends up being the Republican candidate I just won't vote at all.

Conservative Republican said...

"Furthermore, it appears by this post that any Republican who knows how to work across party lines is shunned upon"

It's one thing to WORK WITH Democrats. It's another thing to endorse them. Chris Monzel and Greg Hartmann, among others, won't hesitate to work with Democrats to get things done. However, they've never ENDORSED a Democrat.

Leslie Ghiz went too far. Her endorsement of Pepper in a tight race is a big reason the Democrats have controlled our county for the last 3 years. We've all suffered because of her and I'll never forgive or forget.

As a result of Ghiz's support for Pepper and Berding I will never support her again in any race. Please nominate Monzel so we can take back the Commission from the likes of Pepper and Ghiz!

Quiet Storm said...

Matt, buddy, why so defensive? This blog is all about supporting Republicans who support higher taxes. We *love* Leslie Ghiz here. Regardless of whatever Monzel's people are going around and saying about our girl Leslie, know that she has our strong support. You should think of this blog as a sanctuary from all that other anti-tax garbage spewed about elsewhere.

Blue Ash Taxpayer said...

Ordinarily I would support Chris Monzel in the primary but be willing to support either in the general election. But not this time.

Due to Leslie Ghiz's support for David Pepper, I will not be supporting Ghiz in either a primary or general election. I would rather see a Democrat get elected than Ghiz. (not that there's much difference between the two)

Alex T said...

We Greeks invented the primary system.

Ted "hung hard" Jaxson said...

As a proud member of the Log Cabin Republicans I wholeheartedly support Leslie Ghiz as she fights against the right wing of our party. Leslie's tough, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage and not afraid to stand up and speak her mind. Go Leslie!

Downtown Moneyboys said...

Dear Chairman Alex,

Can you please enforce a little party discipline and get Monzel and his cronies Russ Jackson and Heather Harlow back into line? They need to be made to understand that the Republican Party is the party of higher taxes.

Thank you,