Friday, January 8, 2010

Sycamore School Board walks out on critic

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have received several reports that the Sycamore School Board opened a public comment section of their recent meeting, and then proceeded to walk out when someone criticized some of their recent financial decisions. We have opened an investigation and promise our loyal readers that we will get to the bottom of this controversy.

According to the website, a resident stepped forward to deliver the following remarks to the School Board. As he was speaking he was told his 3 minutes were up, at which point the School Board members walked out of the meeting. We are disgusted that anyone would dare to criticize our tax-and-spend friends on the Board!

Sycamore Schools currently spends around $13,500 per student per year, more than nearly every other school district in Ohio. But that's not #1. Sycamore cannot be content to be outspending only 95% or more of Ohio school districts. They must continue raising taxes until they are the biggest spenders in Ohio.

Because of this shortfall, School Board Member Diane Adamec has been promising everyone that the Sycamore Schools will be seeking a big tax increase within the next 3 years. This is a continuation of her excellent tax-hiking record. Last year we profiled Mrs. High Tax Adamec because of her tireless dedication to higher taxes. Diane Adamec will not stop taxing until they're #1, and if she has to walk out of School Board meetings to help pass a tax increase we will not criticize her behavior. Stay tuned for more.


Blue Ash taxpayer said...

Sad that any citizen would be treated this way by any level of government. Diane Adamec and the rest of the School Board should be ashamed of themselves.

We already knew the Sycamore Schools were plotting to raise our taxes within the next 2-3 years, now we know how nasty they will be to anyone who gets in their way. The best thing we can do is continue exposing the facts, and getting this information to all the voters in the district.

Suzy Soccermom said...

I refuse to believe Diane Adamec would do something like this.

The Enquirer and Community Press didn't report it, so it didn't happen.
This is just another right-wing Newt Gingrich anti-woman smear.

Excuse me while I run Aistin, Caitlin, and Brayden all around town and then stand in a 3-person, 20-minute line at Starbucks for a $4 cup of coffee. Why can't I lose any weight? I've been a member of Curves for years.

Have I nentioned Diane Adamec is a good friend?

You right-wngers just hate successful women. Oprah was talking about that the other day.

Rick Bryan's Errand Boy said...

The most dangerous place in Blue Ash is between my wife and a tax increase.

Tom Adamec

Leaving the Northeast H.C. GOP said...

Now we have Mrs. Adamec's whipped hubby to do the same thing for us on Blue Ash City Clowncil. Thanks Republican Party for supporting this clown.

Da Mayor of Blue Ash said...

Hey that's not true!!! We had a fair, open, and honest selection process and our boy Tom just happened to be the most qualified candidate. There was nothing pre-ordained. ;) ;)

Mark Weber

Anonymous said...

Tom and Diane, Blue Ash Power Couple, sleep with only the best!

By the way, did you hear that Blue Ash changed their own financial story after the November election. Before the election, Blue Ash council told voters that Blue Ash was financially strong, now its having financial issues. Tom, Tom, Tom what have you gotten yourself into - go home and pet your kitty.

Alex T. said...

You know, there are a lot of Greeks in that school district.

Anonymous said...

Lee Czer"Willie"wonka says:

Do you need a teenage girl to spy on a meeting? I can suppy a host from UA, no one will recognize them and we don't give a darn about Sycamore - GO UA! GO Lions! Rah Rah