Monday, January 4, 2010

Great 2010 Begins Now

Dear fellow tax hikers, greetings from your fearless leader of Republicans for Higher Taxes! We hope everyone has had as great of a New Year as us. We have enjoyed our break, but now we're getting back to work spreading the message of higher taxes and taking this website of ours to new heights.

There is much work to be done. We promise to you, our loyal tax hiking friends, that we are going to update this blog regularly through the May primary. You all deserve nothing less than our best and you're going to get it!

We are extremely excited that our tax-hiking hero Leslie Ghiz has declared her candidacy for County Commissioner. Of course, readers of this blog have known for two months this was going to happen. Her election will allow her to raise taxes on a higher level than ever before, and just as important, continue the fine legacy of her mentor David Pepper.

When David Pepper was running for Commissioner in 2006 against a Republican, Leslie Ghiz endorsed Pepper to help him win the race and allow the tax-hiking Democrats to take control of our commission. Only 6 months later, Ghiz helped Pepper to pass his Sales Tax hike that we so badly needed.

Leslie Ghiz will be a fantastic addition to the County Commission and we are proud to be the first organization to give her an endorsement. We are putting the rest of the Hamilton County GOP on notice - we will do even more to help Leslie Ghiz than we did to help 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt. That is one promise we will never think of breaking! Leslie Ghiz for County Commissioner.


Jen W said...

I've liked Leslie Ghiz ever since she endorsed Democrat David Pepper for this seat in 2006 and then helped him raise our Sales Tax. Raising taxes, endorsing Democrats - that's my kind of politician. I'm so excited we have Leslie running to continue David Pepper's legacy.

Mark Mallory's boyfriend said...

Leslie Ghiz has been a reliable voice for the radical homosexual agenda and against traditional family values. I'm supporting Ghiz for County Commissioner!!!

C Scott G said...

As someone who managed two of Leslie's successful campaigns, and put her on the path to greatness, I am 110% behind Leslie Ghiz.

Then, Leslie and David Pepper helped me land my high-paying gig helping sex offenders at the Volunteers of America.

David Pepper said...

She helped me beat Phil Heimlich and I will help her defeat Monzel.