Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Simon Leis endorses Leslie Ghiz

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are delighted to report the news that our great Sheriff Simon Leis has endorsed Leslie Ghiz for County Commissioner! Seeing these two excellent tax hikers working together is great news for our growing movement. Leslie and Simon share so much in common.

Both have openly endorsed tax-hiking Democrat David Pepper for County Commissioner. Both strongly supported raising our Sales Taxes by $800 million over 15 years. Both are openly hostile to our conservative Republican enemies who refuse to support tax increases and big spending. And both are very proud of all the Democrats they have openly endorsed. It is only natural that these two fine servants would join forces to ensure that Ghiz can continue the legacy of her mentor David Pepper.

Simon says, "Leslie has demonstrated her ability to take on tough issues and fight for what is right."

That's right. Leslie Ghiz fought to bring a streetcar to Cincinnati. Leslie fought to raise our Sales Tax. Leslie fought to elect David Pepper to the Commission. Leslie will remain committed to higher taxes and big spending hikes when she joins the Commission.

Simon Leis knows he can get anything he wants with Todd Portune and Leslie Ghiz in charge. Ghiz will see to it that Sales taxes rise again. Ghiz will make sure that the Sheriff's department continues to be well stocked with new helicopters, fishing boats, military tanks, and blow up dolls of Simon Leis (from when he had hair). Sheriff Leis deserves those important crime-fighting tools - with Leslie Ghiz in charge, he will get them. Leslie Ghiz for County Commissioner!


Chief Deputy Dog Sean Donovan said...

I guess Leslie supports double-dippers at the expense of the rank and file Sheriff deputies like Si does.
Si Ghiz for Commissioner!

Scozzafava fan said...

Leslie Ghiz is the future of the GOP - raising taxes, endorsing Democrats, gay rights, and bringing the streetcar back to OTR. Alex T. is doing a great job leading us from the wilderness.

Anonymous said...

Homosexual rights
Zero class

J. Graham Wellington III said...

If the Republican Party is going to become a majority again, we need to leave behind the thinking of people like Chris Monzel. Their stances on divisive issues such as abortion, gun control, and tax cuts are shredding the Grand Old Party into two. The only way for us to win again is to unite behind sensible moderates capable of governing, such as Leslie Ghiz.

Leslie will also help our party move towards the center and make us more appealing to women, minorities, those under 50, Jews, and Muslims. We need to be a big tent party and Leslie Ghiz can help us with that.

We need to purge the Republican Party of wild-eyed radicals such as Chris Monzel, who are making it embarassing for me to tell my friends at the club that I am a Republican.

Betsy S said...

There is nothing that would make our party more appealing to minorities than to run a candidate like Leslie Ghiz who refuses to support black Republican candidates. We need to be a big tent party - where everyone is welcome except conservatives and minorities.

Corie R said...

I agree with everything Betsy S said.

Keith C said...

Leslie Ghiz has been out front on all the tax issues I support but can't do so publicly (except on here, love this blog, folks). I appreciate her for that. Simon Leis let's me have my picture taken with him whenever I need one. Now that the pain in my rear is gone, I can get back into local politics. Go Leslie!