Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hamilton County may raise the Sales Tax

Dear fellow tax hikers, our great Democratic tax-hiking Commissioners David Pepper and Todd Portune are strongly considering a plan to raise Hamilton County's Sales Tax once again! The Bengals and Reds need more of our money. We proudly endorse an increase in the Sales Tax so the Bengals and Reds get all of the money they need from us.

In 1996 we were told by Bob Bedinghaus, John Dowlin, Todd Portune, Roxanne Qualls, and Jeff Berding just how important it was to raise our Sales Tax to benefit the Reds and Bengals. They told us we could keep these two great teams, reinvent the riverfront, and bring strong economic growth to the area. And boy, were they right! The Reds and Bengals are thriving, the Banks have been completed, and because of these two developments Cincinnati and Hamilton County have never enjoyed greater prosperity.

The success of this Sales Tax plan proves that the Reds and Bengals can spend our money better than we can. But that tax increase wasn't enough. To keep this great momentum going we must enact The Stadium Sales Tax Hike Part Two. We promise, this time it will be all the money needed to fully complete this grand plan. We know this same promise was made last time but this time we mean it!

We applaud Pepper and Portune for the fine leadership they are showing on this important issue. They know that Mike Brown can spend our money better than we can. These two fine tax hikers raised our Sales Tax once without a vote of the people, with our support, and we applaud them as they seek to do it again.

We are calling on all you tax hikers to crash the two public hearings being held for this important issue. Tell them to implement The Stadium Sales Tax Hike Part Two. Remind them how successful the first Sales Tax hike has been. Tell them Mike Brown needs our money more than we do. Let's raise some taxes and keep this great county moving forward with Mike Brown and Bob Bedinghaus leading the way. Tax us more!


Bob Bedinghaus said...

When Leslie Ghiz and I joined together to endorse David Pepper for Commissioner in 2006, we knew this was the fine leadership we'd be getting. Me, Ghiz, and Pepper know that raising the Sales Tax is the right solution to any situation that confronts us.

Hey Alex said...

You know, the Romans invented stadiums, or "stadia" as they are called in Latin.

Mary Ann Crusty said...

If my good friend John Dowlin were still alive he'd be in favor of this sales tax.