Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mike Brown supports Peter Stautberg

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have uncovered some FANTASTIC news about superb State Representative Peter Stautberg.

Cincinnati Bengals Owner Mike Brown recently donated $1000 to the great Peter Stautberg!!!!!!!!

Mike Brown is one of Hamilton County's greatest leaders.  He is a phenomenal owner who has done wonderful things for our beloved Bengals and our region.  Mike Brown believes Stautberg is a great State Representative.  If that's what Mike believes, that's what you should believe too.

Stautberg is running against our anti-tax enemy Tom Brinkman.  Brinkman has long been a leader fighting for lower taxes and limited government.  We oppose limited government, we want higher taxes and the biggest government we can get.

If you believe in Bengals Owner Mike Brown, then you must support Mike Brown's candidate Peter Stautberg.  If you oppose Mike Brown and oppose higher taxes, then you'll probably support the fiscal conservative Tom Brinkman.  We encourage all you tax hikers to honor Mike Brown by voting for Peter Stautberg.


Columbus lobbyists said...

Good move Mike. He's the best legislator money can buy!

Bob Bedinghaus said...

Show your respect to Mike Brown by voting for his good friend Peter Stautberg.

Bankrupt Tommy Neyer said...

If Mike Brown says Peter Stautberg is the man, that's good enough for me.

I took the same approach with the stadiums, and look how well that's turned out for Hamilton County. I'd give Stautberg $1000 of my own money, except I'm in the middle of a humiliating bankruptcy filing.

Energy lobbyists said...

Peter is our man! Don't believe me? Look at his campaign report.

Connie Pillich said...

Please help return Peter to Columbus. We work well together. He often has my back.