Friday, January 11, 2013

Pete Beck sued for fraud

Other defendants recently faced similar charges

Dear fellow tax hikes, State Representative Peter Beck has been sued for taking a lead role in defrauding investors out of $1.2 million.  Some of this money found its way to the Beck campaign.  Even wore, it has just been reported that some of Beck's co-defendants were recently sued on similar claims.  We encourage all of you to learn about these cases yourselves.

This is shocking to us.  Beck is one of us Establishment Republicans - people who support using the government to benefits ourselves, as opposed to those obnoxious conservatives who want to keep the government small and play no favorites.  For example, when our good friend Peter Stautberg was challenged in the 2012 primary, Beck proudly endorsed Stautberg.

Prior to becoming State Representative, Beck challenged incumbent Mike Kilburn in the Republican Primary for Warren County Commissioner.  Despite strong backing from the builders and a large warchest, Beck's campaign was comically inept, and this incompetence led to a narrow loss in a highly winnable race.  Does anyone know who managed that campaign???

We are standing behind Beck 100%.  We stood by Jean Schmidt when she took over $500,000 of illegal payouts from the Turkish lobby.  We stood by Governor Bob Taft after he was convicted of 4 crimes in office.  Even if Beck is found guilty we will support him just like we supported Taft and Schmidt.  We Establishment Republicans take up for our own. 


Baby Boy Blessing said...

Hey, I mean, who among us hasn't twisted or bent a few rules or protocols to get where we are today? Being so new to politics and government, I don't know much about this guy I will be in the State House with, assuming the lynch mob mentality quiets down that is. Oh, well, whatevs. Just hope I get to be on the Parks Committee.

My first week in Columbus was a real breeze. Any moron could do this job. And you'll get to do this job if you too have the right last name.

Warren County Voter said...

We remember the primary campaigns well. Out here in Warren County, unlike in Hamilton County, the Republican primary is the key race because we live in a low-tax, conservative prosperous area. We don't have the high taxes and high levels of government dependents that you have in Hamilton County now. But I digress.

When you can outspend someone 6-1, you ought to be able to win in a walk even if the other guy is a universally beloved figure, which Mike Kilburn clearly was not.

Beck used his financial leverage to win his next campaign for higher office, clearly, but it wasn't as big.

Warren County is fast-growing, so incumbency doesn't mean as much when so many people don't know him. Also in a county that's usually an afterthought for local media, it's harder for incumbents to get name ID.

The simple campaign strategy would have been to focus registering and turning out voters in places where new folk were moving in. But no, they chose to target the farming community, figuring they had Pete's area in Mason in the bag.

The farmers and people in the small towns have been here for generations and have been friends and in many cases somehow related to someone in the large Kilburn family. Most of them liked Mike. The ones that didn't would have voted for Pete without being pestered by some strange lady from Cincinnati with a funny bowl-cut and terrible dye job. Or any of those out-of-towners the builders brought in to "help." That's not a good strategy in "old" Warren County.

In "new" Warren County, you have to realize that most of the new folk who came in the past 5-10 years did so to raise a family in good schools and also to get away from the high taxes and bloated government payrolls of Hamilton County, not to mention the crime and drugs that have seeped out from the center sewer city of CIncinnati.

The last person you want running a campaign like Pete's is someone who has lived their whole life in that bloated Hamilton County system who has no problem with the high taxes of, say, Princeton schools, and who has no problem with the public employee unions because they're such great cops and firemen, and we're all one big, happy government-dependent family.

That 2006 primary clearly came down to campaign management. Mike had it. Pete didn't. And it's sad because at the time I wanted Pete to win. I really did.

Campaign Expert Matheny said...

I was the lovely campaign manager of Peter Beck's failed County Commissioner campaign! Naturally it is the one race he's lost. My brilliance did for Peter the same thing it did for Virgil Lovitt, Tom Weidman, and myself.

Dear God, Why? said...

I have to ask, and I hope someone will give me an honest response: Why would any politician or anyone to desires to be a politician ever hire Julie Matheny to run their campaign? She's obnoxiously abrasive, petty, and has a political tin ear. On top of that, she clearly has a record of failure that is, quite fankly, unmatched among political operatives in Southwest Ohio. I honestly didn't know she was the one who mangled Pete Beck's campaign, but it all makes perfect sense now. What doe these people who hire her know that the rest of us don't?

The Christian Right Is Neither said...

Remember, kids, Jesus wants you to vote Republican, because fraud is a "family value"