Sunday, January 27, 2013

Smitherman attacked by The Defeated

Dear fellow tax hikers, two months ago the Cincinnati NAACP held a hotly-contested election in which our enemy Christopher Smitherman defeated Democratic yes-man Rob Richardson.  Smitherman won handily 652-413, in spite of all vote-stacking done by the Democratic Party, labor unions, and our Republicans for Higher Taxes movement for Richardson.  

Now Richardson and some of his bitter supporters (The Defeated) are demanding an investigation.  They are very upset that Smitherman has established a relationship with our anti-tax enemies at COAST.  Even worse, Smitherman attended a Christmas Party with some white people (pg 3) without first asking Tim Burke for permission. 

The Defeated seek to take the NAACP back to its historical roots as they see it - which is blindly obeying Democratic Party.  If there is anything that Rob Richardson Sr. (or Jr.) knows how to do, it's obey white Democrats. 

We support this investigation 100%.  We too are bitter that Smitherman was re-elected in a landslide.  We don't care that Smitherman is overwhelmingly supported by the membership.  Since we, The Defeated, do not like the results of this election, we demand a new one.  And if we lose that one, we'll demand another investigation and another vote until we get what we want.  We support The Defeated in their efforts to take over the local NAACP in spite of their lack of support from the organization's members. 


Jonesing for a Tax Hike said...

What on Earth does an internal dispute inside a left-leaning organization have to do with Republican politicians raising taxes? There are so many great Republican politicians trying to raise taxes right now, from sea to shining sea, and especially in our own back yard.

Republicans for Higher Taxes said...

This has much to do with our taxes! Under Christopher Smitherman's leadership the NAACP was a major component of a coalition that successfully stopped a jail tax that we endorsed, they stopped a trash tax that we endorsed, they stopped Red Light Cameras that we endorsed, opposed a Cincinnati Public Schools levy that we endorsed, and stopped a sale of Water Works. Smitherman's actions have saved local taxpayers over $1 billion and it disgusts us.

If we could shut down Smitherman and return the NAACP to the control of Tim Burke, taxes could go through the roof around here. Isn't that what we want?

Kickback Maly said...

I remember when Rob Richardson Jr. attended an all-white party. It was the Cincinnatians4Progress trolley celebration. Boss Burke must have given his blessing first.