Friday, February 1, 2013

Colerain Administrator's wife now lobbies Colerain

Dear fellow tax hikers, ask yourselves if you love this arrangement as much as we do.

- Colerain Township's Administrator is James Rowan
- The Colerain Township Business Association (CTBA) lobbies Colerain Township
- The CTBA's new Executive Director/Lobbyist is James Rowan's wife JoNell Rowan. 

So when JoNell needs to talk shop with the Administrator, does she call the Township to make an appointment or does she whisper her business bedside?  We believe James can be trusted to keep the Township's confidential information private, and to not give any inside information to JoNell.  As long as he doesn't talk in his sleep. 

We tax hikers fully approve of this relationship.  Imagine if Michelle Obama was a lobbyist for a health care company to the White House.  It is not a conflict of interest when the Chief Executive Officer of a government is being lobbied by his spouse regarding that government's decisions. 

We give credit to local blog The Quacker Factor for discovering this healthy relationship.  We applaud them for beating us to break this important story.  This story must be continuously monitored, because now when there is a marital fight inside the Rowan household, the entire community may suffer. 


Tracy Winkler said...

I think this is wonderful! All in the family.

The Hart said...

I love this arrangement and wholeheartedly support it. As a leader of the Colerain Township Business Association, my employee now gets to tell me about all the problems in the township that the fiscal officer is causing.

This will help my 2015 campaign greatly and gives me an advantage I did not enjoy in my four previous failed elections.

My employee JoNell will be a much more reliable source for gossip and innuendo than the dozens of Colerain Township employees who have been feeding me the inside scoop for years.

greed twp GOP said...

Rewarding your friends and family with your publicly-funded job connections and resources. Maybe there's hope for Garbagetown after all to be as perfect as us

JFR said...

See, this is the kind of innovative partnerships and outside-the-box thinking I am so proud to be leading in Colerain Township.

Now, I employ someone whose wife works for the very organization who used to run candidates against me.

Now, I employ someone whose wife works for the people who share my long-held desire to get rid of the Colerain Township Fiscal Officer.

Winner winner chicken dinner.


Campagn Expert Matheny said...

Me and mi daddie the Mayor don't think they'res anything wrong hear.

OFA said...

We love it when Republicans form circular firing squads. Ritter and Deters are going down this November.

Colerain Confidant said...

Unlike in Springdale, we won't have to worry about JoNell running for township trustee.

She won't run against the men who employ her husband.

Plus the people here are all brain-dead Republican voters.

Suspicious Neighbor said...

Why is it that there is so much dirty campaigning, unethical behavior, outright lying, physical intimidation, anonymous smearing, and other skulduggery for political office in Colerain Township?

Even if you win, all you're doing is over-seeing a smelly ghetto with declining property values, an aging population, vacant storefronts, endless litigation, and violent crime, all for a job that pays about $20,000 per year.

Must be something else that makes it all worthwhile.

J. Triantafilou said...

I personally think it's fabulous!

Princess Margaret said...

Whatevs. The place still smells. No idea how my buds Dennis, Jeff and Mindy put up with that stench all the time. Plus, the odor from Mt. Rumpke.

LBIII said...

Hey I love it! Any time you can use your last name and family connections to get somewhere, you've got to grab the bull by the horns and go for it. I mean, you've just absolutely got to, even when you say you never would do it, you've just got to do it.

It's even better when those family connections can help you get out of the trouble you'd otherwise be in. I hear most people who get caught in certain positions don't get off as easily as I have in the past.

democrats said...

Face it, you racist, sexist, hate-spewing, Fox News-believing, homophobic haters who think you're such better Christians than everyone else: We won. You lost. We own the government now. All you conservative, angry, old white guys belong to us now as your ideology of hatred and exclusion goes the way of the dinosaur. We laugh because every dollar you pay in taxes goes to keep us in power and dispatch your bigoted mentality to the ash heap of history.

And if you've been to Colerain lately, you know that "ash heap" is an apt description.

Colerain Conservative said...

Maybe all that lobbying paid off. Maybe the business association's opposition to the levy convinced Snuggle Boy to oppose a levy and if the Crony Capitalists on the board didn't have the government to carry out their levy campaign, there's no way those three could work to get it past, left to their own devices. That gang couldn't organize a 2-car funeral without telling someone else to do it.