Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stan Chesley for ORP Legal Counsel

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are dismayed to learn that our favorite attorney Stan Chesley has been disbarred by the Kentucky Supreme Court.  Chesley has been a huge supporter of higher taxes and many big government programs, as well as a major benefactor to ethical politicians like Bill Clinton, Jean Schmidt, Tracy Winkler, and Joe Deters.  

We at Republicans for Higher Taxes are always sad when our friends get caught doing bad things.  But no matter Chesley's ethical problems, we have already found him a new job.

We strongly endorse Stan Chesley for Ohio Republican Party (ORP) Legal Counsel.  With the ORP poised to select criminal Matt Borges as ORP Chairman, we need to double-down on the outlaw theme. 

Our party can make a serious play for the criminal vote, now largely Democratic, by selecting individuals such as Borges and Chesley to important positions.  We have a tremendous opportunity to send a message to the criminal voters of Ohio - we are with you, we want YOU to come join US.  The criminal vote will soon be ours.


Ethically Challenged Ex-Congresswoman Jean Schmidt said...

Wait!!! They must find a position for me first!!! Me with my Borges-like ethics!!! Me with my Chesley as a fund-raiser!!!! Me with my Republican establishment lackey Joe Braun as my campaign mangler!!!! Me with my establishment Republican campaign strategy of hiring loyal but totally inept people and then blaming everyone else when it doesn't work!!!

Tea Party Tim said...

I wonder if this topic will come up at the Hamilton County GOP's vaunted "campaign school" today. If anyone bothers to show up, that is. All those Courthouse Crony re-treads have heard this crap before. There is no "new blood" to speak of in the HCGOP. They run off anyone who isn't a total lackey to the Triantafilou/Winkler/Deters families. This gang has zero credibility with the Tea Party or with any social conservatives.


GOP Bag Carrier Georgie Bruneman said...

Sounds good to me!

Bob Taft said...

I am enormously pleased with these turn of events. I have much in common with these fine gentlemen Mr. Borges and Mr. Chesley.

The party is being remade in my image. I'm so happy about this I may decide to return to elected office!

Queen Tracy Winkler said...

OMG like I feel so bad for Stan. One of my best campaign memories is the fundraiser he hosted for me. Im gonna stand with him know what i mean?