Monday, March 4, 2013

Pass the Parking Plan

Dear fellow tax hikers, we strongly endorse the parking plan proposed by Cincinnati City Manager Milton Dohoney.  As you will learn later in this blog entry, this plan makes it very likely that a big tax increase will be necessary in 2 years.  Because of that, we encourage Cincinnati City Council to pass this plan now!

Cincinnati is facing huge budget deficits in each of the next two years.  To solve it, Dohoney is proposing to trade a significant amount of the city's future parking profits (yes, the city makes big money on it's parking system) in return for an upfront payment now.  Half of that money is earmarked towards plugging the budget deficits of the next two years.  The rest of the money goes to spending projects, none of which are located in the neighborhoods outside of downtown. 

The city would be sacrificing 30-50 years of future profits to avoid making the tough budget decisions today.  In two more years Cincinnati will still be facing unbalanced budgets, but this time they will have significantly reduced parking system profits to rely on.  The city will then have no choice but to pass some big tax increases.  It's a brilliant plan. 

Pass that parking plan today.  And in two years we can all enjoy the higher taxes we so richly deserve.  Tax us more!


Dan from Delhi said...

Between the parking issue and the streetcar, this DemocRAT majority on City Council should easily be defeated this November. Too bad the folks at the Hamilton County GOP are either unwilling or unable to try.

Anonymous said...

As a self proclaimed bon vivant lacking any formal education residing in Price Hill I favor this measure. While my wife and I are considered what is commonly referred to as "handicap" folk, and are assigned special parking areas, we feel strongly that other able bodied and otherwise productive and functional people should pay up. This just in... In addition to the morbid obesity and assocaited health problems, I am quite dumb and lack a conscience.

Smelly fat pig Craig Hochscheid said...

Would this law apply to my wife's fat person scooter that she has to ride when she goes to the grocery store?

Colerain Township's Signature Retial Destination: NorthGhetto Mall said...

Hey, maybe if we weren't in bankruptcy and a half-mile away from a gigantic stinking pile of burning garbage, we could capitalize on this opportunity with our acres and acres of free parking. We would probably need some good, quality tenanats instead of discount close-out retailers, cell phone kiosks and body piercing outfits in order for that plan to work, though.

Section 8 Tenant said...

I reeley hope that Greene Township bilds that low-income houseing for all us people.

I can't wate too park for free in Green Township.

I can't wate to send my kids too them grate scools in Green Township. I wuld love to shop in Green Township but wen I axed my peeps abut it tey all say there ain't no gud plazes at the Glen Crossing no more.

It be all emty an stuff.