Monday, March 11, 2013

The Missing Mickey Esposito Files

Dear fellow tax hikers, we need your help.  As we recently reported, our friend Michael "Mickey" Esposito was arrested for allegedly stealing from the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department property room.  But nobody can find the case files!

The Hamilton County Clerk of Courts, run by the wonderful Tracy Winkler, is responsible for maintaining and posting the case information for all adult dockets in the Hamilton County judicial system.  So as our enemy The Whistleblower has repeatedly reported that Queen Tracy was hiding The Esposito Files, we thought he was full of it. 

Yet try and try as we might, none of us can find those files.  We want to help our buddy Mickey.  We want to review his entire case file to figure out how we can get him off these charges, but we can't.  Why is Tracy hiding the files?

This is where we call upon all you tax hikers to assist us.  We want you to find The Esposito Files.  The first who does will win a special mention from your favorite website.


Clerk Winkler said...

Oh guys you are always so great to me, but why did you have to take these missing files public, you know what I mean? Alex told me Si thinks we need to hide this information.

Love ya. xoxo.

Tracy W

Anonymous said...

Hmmm . . . In this country your "innocent" until PROVEN guilty. Just maybe there is nothing there. What a concept. I'm glad to see everyone here hide behinds fake names. Wonder why . . .

Madeline Trumpy said...

This blog notes that he was arrested and for *allegedly stealing* items. Not one statement on this blog has pre-determined guilt. If anything, this blog appears to favor acquittal, judging from its words.

By the way, ongoing cases are a matter of public record. Unless you are politically connected to the Winkler/Leis/Deters machine.

Speaking of which, has anyone seen Alex Triantafilou's divorce case online?

And PS, I am using my real name, Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Being lectured by "anonymous" for hiding behind a fake name, really?

This blog did not say or imply that Oh Mickey has been declared guilty. They're just noting that the case files are suspiciously missing. Tracy must have eaten them.

Anonymous said...

GUILTY AS MUCH AS ANY PERSON CAN BE!!!!!! WOW!!! People are actually trying to say he is innocent?! What a crock!!! And what a CROOK!!! She is hiding the files because it implicates Mickey, obviously. But honestly, the real reason no one can find the case files is because this is still an ONGOING, FEDERAL investigation. They are not putting up with scandalous acts anymore and they probably want to make sure they have everything in order before rushing into things. He represented himself with the case in the 90's and got off! What does that tell you?!?! Hamilton Co. is doing the right thing, they are waiting and getting as much information on him as possible. He did do wrongdoing, and Winkler is heading it and protecting this old, lying crook. Get a grip on reality "Republicans for Higher Taxes". Don't you know he should have gone to prison back in the 90's when he LOWERED taxes for his fellow friends... but you support higher taxes, that's right. He never got in trouble because, once again, he was protected by his political buddies. Ridiculous.