Sunday, March 31, 2013

Judge Robert Winkler disappoints

Dear fellow tax hikers, today is Easter Sunday.  It is also Cesar Chavez's birthday.  We are spending Chavez's birthday doing the same thing we do every other day - complain. 

We are sickened that Judge Robert Winkler issued a permanent injunction against the Cincinnati Parking plan.  We have wholeheartedly endorsed this proposal because it will likely lead to tax increases after two years.  Winkler claims that state law gives voters the right to petition this plan.  We don't care what the law says, Winkler should have obeyed party bosses and lifted his injunction. 

We are sorely disappointed that Judge Winker put the law above the interests of some of his political benefactors.  The City of Cincinnati hired the Dinsmore law firm, which employs Alex Triantafilou and is run by the great George Vincent.  Vincent himself handled this case.  Winkler knew that his political superiors wanted him to rule for the city, yet he went against them anyways. 

This is no way for a Winkler to behave.  We condemn Judge Robert Winkler for having the integrity to rule in favor of Ohio law.  Citizens should not have the right to vote on their government.  We now call on everyone to stop this referendum campaign from reaching the ballot so the parking plan can proceed.


How The World Works said...

Winkler may have disappointed you, but his masters in the GOP are satisfied that he ruled this way for a reason.

The Court of Appeals will strike it down and overturn Winkler.

Triantafilou and Vincent make more money this way.

The COAST crazies go out and waste more money, time, and effort before this is yanked off the ballot.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

The Zwisslers said...

I appreciate that someone else celebrated this Easter thing in a non-traditional way. For us it wasn't Jesus that arose, rather we spent the day raising the Fag Flag.

Walter Flanagan said...

It's interesting how people like "How the world works" tell us how much smarter they are than everyone else by prognosticating anonymously. Thus, when they are proven wrong, they don't have to take their medicine. They can just slink away into the same crapbucket internet world that created a-holes like them in the first place.

Henry VIII said...

That's odd, there isn't a "Walter Flanagan" registered to vote in Hamilton County.

Back to the topic at hand, which the so-called "Walter Flanagan" does not want to discuss for some reason:

This is a total set-up as described by "How The World Works."

So that "Walter Flanagan" can un-wad his panties, it should be noted that this idea of it being a set up has been discussed on nearly every news site and radio talk show in town.

Maybe Walt can tell us how the cast of Mall Rats, Clerks and Chasing Amy feel about homosexual marriage. Are they raising the Fag Flag with the Zwissler family?

Jeff Ritter said...

I need to come up with one of those plans that makes it look like I am trying to do one thing while in reality my desire is the complete opposite.

I really admire the way Alex and George have this working for them.

How am I ever going to push the Colerain Township Fiscal Officer out of her job otherwise? I thought that performance audit was going to be just the trick, but that didn't work. Spreading rumors around White Oak isn't working either.

Veteran Psychologist said...

Some of you need to pick up a phone and talk about your problems with each other.

That will be $85.

Anne Boleyn said...

Does anyone have a podcast of these supposed talk radio conversations that my ex-husband described?

Christine Heffer said...

You know, if they had Real Marriage Equality in the 16th Century then Henry the 8th wouldn't have had to divorce all his wives to find another. They should have have all married each other.

RINO Watch said...

Anyone care to guess which member of the Deters Clan posted this? Looks like working for Stan Chesley is starting to rub off.

XXXXXXX Deters shared Human Rights Campaign's photo.
March 26
Follow @HRC on Twitter and at for live-updates from the first day of at the Supreme Court hearings. Make sure you wear red to show your support for marriage equality. And make your Facebook profile red too!

Greene Towneship Tories said...

We must say, twas a most perplexing ruling from a man of the Winkler lineage. Perhaps we are to be told of a different result when this matter is presented upon the appellate courts. We just aren't privy to those details. We are confident in the end that goodness and justice shall prevail and that the parking privatization will proceed as scheduled, with the fair city's coffers once again flush with shillings and pounds.

Long Live The Queen!

(It shant be difficult, provided Her Royal Highness avoids the outer borough of Coleraine Towneship like thy plague.)

Racist Pig Hochscheid said...

According to Wikipedia Henry VIII was morbidly obese in his later years. This fact hits close to home.

Campaign Expert Matheny said...

There is this huge referendum campaign going on in Cincinnati and no one has called me an my Expert Campaign Consultin' Service? I am shocked! Between my campaign track record and my deep and abiding respect for both COAST and the leadership of Cincinnati City Council, I would be great on either side of this issue!

Princess Margaret said...

My good bud Judge Winkler really came through for me with this ruling. I get to have lots and lots of fun being a highly-paid, highly-trained young professional political woman, and will have even more fun attending cocktail parties for the referendum campaign and will get to do lots of shopping for all those events for a new dress, a new purse and a new set of high heels! What an awesome job this is and if you don't like the great work I do and kiss my ring every time you see me, I am telling Alex on you, You Smelly West Sider You!!!

How The World Works said...

Looks like I was right and "Walter Flanagan" was wrong. Smell ya later, bee-yot-chez!