Monday, March 18, 2013

Winkler to rule on parking referendum

Dear fellow tax hikers, the fate of the public's right to vote on the Cincinnati Parking Plan rests in the hands of Judge Robert Winkler.  We strongly oppose your right to vote.  We call on Judge Winkler to join us in preventing citizens from voting on the next 50 years of Cincinnati parking.

We believe the ruling will go in our favor, not due to legal arguments but to political connections.  Follow the road map:

- Judge Robert Winkler is the brother-in-law of Tracy Winkler and brother of Judge Ralph Ted Winkler
- Alex Triantafilou is the Chairman of the Hamilton County Republican Party, giving him significant power over the political careers of other Republicans such as the Winklers
- The Winkler-Triantafilou connection is well-established
- Alex Triantafilou works for the Dinsmore and Shohl law firm, which is managed by our good friend George Vincent
- The City of Cincinnati has hired Dinsmore to represent them in this case, even though the City has their own legal department which is fully capable of handling such cases
- Dinsmore has sent three of their high-powered attorneys - including The George Vincent - to personally handle this case

If Judge Winkler knows what is good for him, he will make the right ruling.  Winkler can ignore the law, his job is to do what is right for the Triantafilou-Vincent law firm.  If Winkler dares go against Dinsmore, Triantafilou, and Vincent, there will be severe repercussions. 

We call on Judge Robert Winkler to do the right thing - not the right legal decision, not the right decision for the voters of Cincinnati, but the right thing for Alex Triantafilou and George Vincent. We want Judge Winkler to take away your right to vote.


Chairman T said...

Damn it I thought I told everyone to shut about our plans.

Ex-Chairman George said...

You serve me boy.

Vanilla Ice said...

My almost-namesake Judge Winkler will come through for all us tax-hikers and allow the parking meter tax hike to proceed.

Word to your mother.

Bill Rumpke said...

Our decision to use a local Republican law firm on our lawsuit against Colerain Township was a masterstroke. Judge Winkler's brother Judge Winkler got the message and ruled in our favor. The appellate court, all Hamilton County judges, also ruled in our favor.

Until we got to the Supreme Court. Then they shot down our claim that we are a public utility and exempt from local zoning laws.


Next time, we will argue before the Supreme Court with lawyers bought and paid for by the OHIO Republican Party.

Someone get me Matt Borges' phone number.