Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tom Noe for ORP Finance Chair

Dear fellow tax hikers, we proudly endorse convicted felon Tom Noe for Ohio Republican Party Finance Chairman.  There he would serve under the soon-to-be Chairman Matt Borges, himself a convicted criminal and known tax cheat

Coingate hero Tom Noe worked with Bob Taft, Betty Montgomery, and many others to use Ohio tax dollars as a personal ATM:

A jury found Noe guilty in 2006 of 29 charges of corruption, theft, money laundering, and of tampering with records for the theft of millions of dollars from two $25 million rare-coin funds he managed for the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation. He was found not guilty on 11 other charges, and several others were dismissed or consolidated.

Former Common Pleas Court Judge Thomas Osowik sentenced Noe to 18 years in state prison and ordered him to pay $13,747,000 in restitution, the cost of prosecution totaling $2,979,402, and $139,000 in fines.

Noe is highly qualified to be Finance Chairman.  He is an expert at getting money from other people, legally or illegally.  While he would have to perform his duties from behind prison bars, that's ok, because Mr. Noe is that damn good! 

If one of the top reasons we endorsed Borges for Chairman is to appeal to the criminal voting bloc, Noe's selection as Finance head would allow us to double-down on that theme.  Convicted criminals are a highly reliable voting bloc for the Democrats and that has got to change.  Ask yourself - if you were a convicted criminal and saw Borges and Noe in high-ranking GOP leadership positions, wouldn't you want to vote Republican?  For these reasons and many more, we proudly endorse convicted felon Tom Noe for Ohio Republican Party Finance Chairman.


Jean Schmidt said...

YES YES YES!!!! Tom Noe was a good friend of mine. It's a travesty that he's in jail just because he stole some public money.

I would love to see him and Borges back on top again. Maybe they'll help me get back to Congress where I belong.

Establishment Stooge George Bruneman said...

Sounds good to me!

Loyal Lifelong Hamilton County Republican said...

Hey, R4HT, isn't the guy behind this blog from Toledo? Shouldn't he disclose his links to criminal mastermind Tom Noe? If you did that, instead of hiding behind a fake screen name, you'd have a lot more credibility!

John HUsted said...

I'll support that,under duress of course.

Republicans for Higher Taxes said...

We are not from Toledo and don't go way back with Noe. However those Supper Parties with Noe, Taft, and Montgomery were fantastic!

No matter, we'll allow you to accuse us of it anyways. Every year there is a new leading theory about us, and it's always incorrect.

Blob Bennett said...

I endorse this move. I have great memories of fundraising with Tom Noe back during my first reign as Chairman. It's a shame he got caught, it was politics I tell ya!

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap said...

I'd think a Loyal Lifelong Hamilton County Republican would love seeing a Joe Deters ally in the state chair seat. If you're so certain someone connected to this blog is a Tom Noe crony, why don't you 1) name him or her and 2) identify yourself so you can get the credit you so richly deserve.

Sweaty Betty Montgomery said...

I completely endorse my good friend Tom Noe's return to high-ranking GOP politics. We go way back. Tom was always great to me, and as State Auditor I never gave him and his coin funds no trouble.