Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bengals demand new $10 million scoreboard

Roxanne Qualls and Mike Brown, very pleased with themselves

Dear fellow tax hikers, the Cincinnati Bengals are demanding a new $10 million scoreboard from the generous taxpayers of Hamilton County.  And they're going to get it, courtesy of the stadium deal that has brought so many benefits to this area.

This is the kind of economic development that Roxanne Qualls promised when she was the leading spokesman for the Bob Bedinghaus Stadium Tax.  This $10 million scoreboard is going to create a ton of jobs. 

We thank Roxanne Qualls The Stadium Queen from the bottom of our hearts for everything she did to pass the Bedinghaus Stadium Tax.  It was a great investment, just like the streetcar is a great investment.  This $10 million scoreboard investment will benefit our region for many years to come.


Randy Simes in Korea said...

I would be happy to pay higher taxes to pay for this "investment". Oh wait, it's been years since I lived in Cincinnati so I don't pay taxes here. And even if I did live with my good friend Travis, I still wouldn't be paying taxes because his home is tax abated.

Roxanne Bedinghaus said...

What a coincidence! The streetcar will be a revenue sucker from local government for years to come just like the stadium boondoggle. F.U. Mike Brown! Demanding new toys while low level County employees suffer. And F.U. Qualls for doing the same thing!

Streetcar hypocrites said...

Isn't it funny how the streetcar psychopaths like Pig Hochscheid bitched relentlessly that those who lived outside the City limits should keep their mouths shut about the streetcar, and yet one of their most loudmouthed members lived in the State of Illinois the whole time.

Bluegrass Bobby Maly and KY Governor Candace Klein said...

Yeah, that is pretty hypocritical. The nerve! Good thing our media buddies that put us in all of those metromix party photos won't tell anyone about it.

Alex T Mall Cop GOP said...

Just think, if we had a candidate for mayor, we couldn't say a word about this because Bob Bedinghaus was a Republican and just as big a supporter of this stadium tax too.

Princess Margaret said...

If anyone deserves a $10 million stadium, it's my beloved Bengals. Paul Brown Stadium is such an awesome place to see and to be seen, especially when you're as graceful, charming and glamorous as I am. Paul Brown Stadium might be my favorite place to go that isn't a shopping destination. But I guess it will be a big shopping day for Mike Brown when he gets his scoreboard!!!!

With any luck this scoreboard will block my view of those fat, smelly, disgusting, inbred west siders.

Jen Sutmoller said...

Toen Roxanne Qualls ondersteund het stadion fiscale wist ze dat we zouden moeten blijven maken van investeringen in de stadions. Deze $ 10.000.000 scorebord is een grote investering!

Greed Township Republicans said...

It's a shame that we have only two Democrats and no Republicans running for mayor of Cincinnati. Obviously, that's the fault of our garbage-loving neighbors in Colerain Township.

John Cranley's Scheduler said...

Busy day for us. Here is what's on tap.

8:00 Breakfast with big money Republicans in Indian Hill

9:00 Anti-streetcar rally in Anderson Township

10:00 Anti-Parking Plan demonstration in Cheviot

11:00 Taped message for Warren County Tea Party

12:00 Lunch in Covington with big-dollar Republican donors

1:00 Go on Bill Cunningham and talk about how much I love the City of Cincinnati

2:00 Dial for dollars, make sure cell phone is charged up and national calling plan is paid up

3:00 Drop off latest payments to Reece and Cole families

4:00 Talk to Republican patronage workers in the courthouse about yard sign locations in Delhi and Green Townships

5:00 Dinner with Republican officials in Kenwood

6:00 Community Council meetings, be sure to emphasize my love of all things Cincinnati

Urbanistas are so clever said...

OMG that post from "Cranley's" scheduler was SO FUNNY! LOL!!!!

Criticizing John Cranley for accepting help from Republicans, Democrats, and Independents in a non-partisan election, yeah that's a good plan. This strategy has been working really well so far. Keep up the good work, Qualls lackeys.

Cranley's Supporters Are Clueless said...

The main point of the scheduler's post is that Cranley is spending all his time and effort outside the city.

Qualls supporters are losers said...

Yes, we understood the main point of the post. What we fail to understand is how you could be so dumb as to ridicule the strategy of a candidate who is beating your brains in. Keep it up Qualls losers! Stick with the same strategy of arrogance that is sinking your campaign. We look forward to a big victory in November!

Roxanne Qualls' Scheduler said...

Roxanne's schedule for tomorrow:

7:00 - Pick out today's winning pants suit.

8:00 - Call Mike Brown, thank him for his support. Reminisce about the good ole days.

9:00 - Discuss plans to improve Cincinnati's neighborhoods.

9:01 - Talk about the many benefits of the streetcar.

10:00 - Call Randy Simes, develop turnout plans for our Chicago, Atlanta, and Korea supporters.

11:00 - Meet with downtown supporters.

12:00 - Have lunch in OTR to meet with the other half of our supporters.

1:00 - Hold press conference to announce neighborhood development plans.

1:01 - Brag about the streetcar.

2:00 - Have a conference call with Mike Moroski, Derek Bauman, Travis Estell, Laure Quinlivan, and Chris Seelbach and laugh at everyone who actually pays their own property taxes.

3:00 - Strategy call with campaign know-it-all Craig Hochscheid, while eating several high-fat snacks.

3:30 - Watch our brilliant campaign ad from the primary, remind ourselves how awesome it was.

4:00 - Explain to stupid voters the benefits of the parking deal.

5:00 - Yell at another group of stupid voters who don't like the stadium deal.

6:00 - Dinner with rich suburban donors, like Mike Brown.

7:00 - Attend another damn community forum, where we have to once again explain the benefits of the streetcar, stadiums, and parking plan.

8:00 - OH SHIT we've ignored black voters all day today, again. Call Wendell Young and Yvette Simpson, they always believe everything we tell them.

9:00 - Have a drink in downtown/OTR with our people. Plot a new day tomorrow

Figaro said...

Do Roxanne Qualls, Eve Bolton, and Martha Good all go to the same barber?