Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cranley accused of hiring too many black people

Dear fellow tax hikers, in recent days surrogates for Roxanne Qualls have criticized John Cranley for employing too many African-Americans on his campaign.  This shocking allegation was included in a WCPO report that also accused Roxanne Qualls of having a conflict of interest for selling properly along the streetcar line as she was voting to spend more money on the streetcar.

Cranley has piled up an impressive list of endorsements from the black community.  In addition to NAACP President Christopher Smitherman, the following list of black leaders joined to support Cranley:

***Pam and Cecil Thomas have said they support both candidates.***

Even when we exclude Pam and Cecil from this list, Cranley has locked up endorsements from most of the major leaders of the Cincinnati black community.   Dwight Tillery, Alicia Reece, Steve Reece, Laketa Cole, Christopher Smitherman, Doc Foster, Minette Cooper, and more. 

One of these people is employed by the Cranley campaign, and one is a consultant.  The rest don't work for him.  This led to some of Roxanne's white surrogates to accuse Cranley of engaging in "pay to play" and buying his black support.  Apparently they think only white people can make endorsements based on what they think is best for the city.  They really stepped in this one, prompting Steve Reece to lash out:

Steve Reece, Alicia Reece’s father and a longtime Democratic Party activist, called the criticisms from white bloggers offensive.  “I find it insulting and racist to imply we can’t think, and to say money will influence who we will support,” Steve Reece said.

These white Qualls surrogates don't understand what they've done.  Steve Reece is a long-time Democratic activist with deep roots in the black community.  So do many of the others on this list.  Accusing them of pay-to-play not only offends them, but offends their many supporters too.  

As some of Roxy's biggest supporters, we hereby apologize for the borderline-racist actions of a few of our compatriots.  Please forgive Roxanne for their sins, even though she has refused to repudiate them.  We promise to speak with Roxanne tomorrow and implore her to condemn her supporters' offensive behavior.  We expect Roxanne to comment shortly whether she thinks Cranley should hire more white people for his campaign.  We expect Roxanne will soon tell you whether Cincinnati's black leaders are capable of making endorsements without first being paid.  

We are Republicans for Higher Taxes and we approve this message.  And no white person paid us to write it.


Bond Hill pride said...

Qualls could come out tomorrow and condemn her racist asshole spokespersons, but it's too late. The damage has been done. Our community doesn't appreciate being disrespected by these downtown hipsters who think their shit don't stink.

KKKraig Hochscheid, Qualls supporter said...

The only decision that black community leaders are capable of making on their own is which color of shoe polish to grab from their shine box.

Derek "David Duke" Bauman, Qualls spokesperson said...

This is why I work as a cop up in lily white Mason. I don't want to be around black folk all day. They can't be trusted.

Black voter said...

Nobody questions the motives of Roxanne's white supporters, but as soon as black leaders unite behind Cranley they are hit with disgusting accusations. I'm supporting Cranley and nobody paid me to say that.

Price HIll Pharma Rep said...

What do you expect from the Qualls camp. She got in bed with the biggest racist piece of crap in town, fatass Craig Hochscheid. Can't wait for the next two weeks to be over so she'll finally go away and Craig will have to up his dosage of happy pills.

Vice Mayor Pay to Play said...

Roxanne Qualls promised Wendell Young the Vice Mayorship, and by coincidence he supports Qualls for Mayor. Will Roxanne's racist surrogates accuse her of buying off Wendell Young?

Jim KKKiefer said...

I's sure hopes dat da fine folk suppoatin' Roxanne Qualls on dis here website don't go lookin' at none of *my* Tweets. John KKKranley be mah hero!

Craig from Pricedale said...

Recently I picked up a negro hitchhiker in my 1994 Audi 5000.

See, that proves I am not a racist.

So suck it, as I like to say.

NAACP said...

How's this for the pot calling the kettle black - Derek Bauman is calling for John Cranley to condemn his "racist" supporters. Cranley did, in fact, already condemn the one supporter who made borderline racist comments about another black person.

So when will Roxanne Qualls condemn Derek Bauman for his racist attacks against the African-American leaders supporting John Cranley? C'mon Roxanne, do you tolerate racism or not?

Jane Prendergast-Qualls and German Qualls Lopez said...

Don't worry, Qualls supporters.

We've seen some of the racist and anti-Semitic tweets and comments from your friends and we will keep quiet about those.

We only make sure that supporters of the more conservative candidate are taken to task for their behavior.

As far as we are concerned, the idiots who support John Cranley and have been paid off by him are getting what they deserve.