Monday, October 28, 2013

Mike Brown supports Roxanne Qualls

Dear fellow tax hikers, it's a great day as our beloved Bengals Owner Mike Brown has thrown his money and support behind Roxanne Qualls for Cincinnati Mayor. 

Mike Brown knows people.  Years ago Mikey installed Bob Bedinghaus as a Bengals Executive.  And now he wants to install Roxanne Qualls as Cincinnati's Executive. 

Mike Brown knows great plans.  The stadium plan that he promoted, along with Bob Bedinghaus and Roxanne Qualls The Stadium Queen, is the finest economic development investment this region has ever seen.  Roxanne's streetcar will be almost as great.  Roxanne's parking plan is another gem.  Roxanne's jail tax and her light rail Sales Tax increases were two more great plans. 

Mike Brown knows what is good for you.  He and Roxanne knew it was good for you to spend 40 years paying a Stadium Tax every time you buy something in Hamilton County.  He knows that Roxanne Qualls has the potential to be as great for Cincinnati as Bob Bedinghaus was for Hamilton County. 


Mikey Boy said...

Roxanne, your junior staffer should be able to spell Bengals correctly after all of the support we've given you.

Jefff Berding said...

MIke sure came through for me and I am sure if Roxxy loses he'll take care of her too. Bob and I could use her smarts here in the front office.